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Classic Pythons

Chris Peck
New South Wales 2000
We deliver and pick up all around Sydney

Are you looking for a snake for a pet or for breeding?
  • Of course, when I sell my reptiles, all have eaten and shed multiple times prior to selling them. However, unlike many breeders or sellers, all of my snakes are handled from birth so have a good temperament and are good to handle when I sell them. I believe that they would all make good pets. The ones that are not will be kept by me for breeding or sold to breeders.

  • I have had snakes - even venomous ones, before it was illegal to do so - since I was a young boy, and have been breeding pythons for over 15 years.

  • I'm available when you have any questions or need any help. If for some valid reason you are not happy with your python, I will replace it for you, as I like my customers to be as happy with their pythons as I am.

For more information - just give us a call!

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