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Welcome to Obanya Cats

My name is Sandra Weaver-Hall.

I have had cats and dogs all of my life. I started showing and breeding purebred dogs some 40 years ago - the Borzoi. The big elegant Russian hound.

So I came to cat showing and breeding, after 15 years of being active in the dog world. My initial breed choice was the Russian Blue, but after seeing and feeling a Rex coated cat - weird but wonderful. I was hooked and ordered a Cornish Rex. This was in 1971 and that started my involvement and passion for these breeds, which is still there.

Always interested in a challenge and especially the genetics in animal breeding.

I have also tackled the dilute colours in the Abyssinian and also the gorgeous Somali. Some 18 years or more ago I added the 'picture postcard' silver spotted and then tipped British Short hair, as well going onto a range of other colours/patterns available in this breed.

Today I no longer breed the Abyssinian or the Somali, I am concentrating on Singapura, British Short hair, Cornish Rex and my first love, the lovely Russian .

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are an intelligent, affectionate cat with a sweet loving nature and a soft voice.. A certain style and elegance comes naturally to them. The somewhat low allergenic coat, even though a short plush coat, seems to shed little requiring almost no grooming. See the photos below showing the shimmery silver blue of the Russian coat, especially noticeable on the face, legs and paws where the coat is shortest. The face has distinctive expression as well, with the rounded whisker pads giving just the hint of a smile. The tall upright ears are the look of the Australian Russian breed with the picture complete in this expressive face, with green eyes that seem to look deep into your inner being. They are such gentle sweet and loving cats who really love to be with you. Russian's have the ability to 'go with the flow' in most households. They are ideal companions for both young and old and can happily accept other cats, little dogs and children! They are very happy indoor cats, with quiet voice and little coat loss.

Cornish Rex

The short fine and unique soft wave of the Cornish Rex coat is not only fabulous to stroke, this breed is known for being a low allergy cat to some people. But it is best to test your allergies before buying a kitten.

The Cornish Rex is an active cat, great to interact with and be entertained constantly with their smart games and antics. They are ideal cats for kids and older people who enjoy a lively companion with low maintenance - a warm bed (preferably under the doona) and good food is all that is needed. They are strictly indoor cats, not only feeling the cold elements, their inquisitive nature would soon lead them down dangerous paths. However, their fine stylishness and slim tight muscular bodies belies their toughness.

Cornish Rex queens and studs have been tested and are Felv-negative and FIV negative.

The Singapura

Singapura cats are for people who like something very special - there are not many Singapura cats to be found in Australia - and for people who love a distinctive personality and 'attitude' in a pet companion.. They are not for people who want a couch potato, as they are small, active, really smart and have to be involved in everything happening in the household. They use their slender legs and tiny neat paws like little monkeys, leaping, climbing, investigating and exploring. However, they are also very affectionate and just want to be with you (often up high on a shoulder so they don't miss anything) but also very much a lap cat, cuddly and interactive with everybody. The small little expressive face with the big ears and eyes indicate that they are not missing anything - look out!

British Shorthair

British Shorthair cats are seen by most people as a big cuddly teddy bear, but I have found that they are more inclined to sit with you, or next to you, bonded by their devotion to YOU, and inclined to show (British) reserve with visitors.

So it is important to put as much quality bonding time into your kitten when they are young, then they are yours for life! They enjoy a steady quiet peaceful home but can have their moments of play and bursts of energy as they thunder like a herd of elephants down the hallway chasing a toy or something they imagine.

British cats have a dense thick coat, which is part of their charm, with fine thick undercoat which is characteristic of the breed. Grooming regularly in a mature cat is necessary, particularly in the time of seasonal coat changes.

Kittens need high quality food and often, to lay down the foundations of a good sturdy body structure, but as adults, considering their size, a moderate portioned quality diet is all that is required to have a long healthy fuss free life.

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