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   We as breeders breed for pedigree NOT necessarily the latest winner but dogs that will enhance our pedigree lines creating increasing stability and quality in our breeding lines which are already excellent. We look to history to be our guide for the future. We give a minimum 5 generation pedigree of our pups and a guarantee against disqualifying faults as per the breed standard. Co-efficient of inbreeding & ancestral blood percentages are available on all our breeding stock and proposed litters

About Us

We are Greg and Frith Tynan and we live in the South Burnett wine & olive growing area in South East Queensland

Our Rottweilers live on 53 Acres: Room to move, room to grow, and become the dog they should be- A dog of herding, protection of both stock and person as well as a brilliant family companion who has more personality than a lot of people you meet. A working dog yes it is! But also quite happy to lay about with itís family.

After training dogs for many years for obedience, we decided to breed rottweilers because they had all the attributes we required in an obedience and family companion: Strength of character, mind and body, loyalty, independence, unconditional love and most important the insatiable desire and ability to learn.

We are careful to breed as much as is possible to and with quality German stock as they have the parameters in place to prevent the breeding of unworthy stock, therefore maintaining the integrity and most importantly the ability of the breed to perform itís function as a companion and security dog. That is a dog, which is self confident in itís abilities and itís owners abilities and will be a strong stable member of society.

No Breeder can guarantee show winning stock, we will guarantee our stock against disqualifying faults, if any slip through we will replace the dog in accordance with our sales contract. Pet owners don't deserve less quality, they deserve the best we as breeders can produce, disproving the myth that mongrels are better. The Breed Standard is there for a very good reason and most disqualifying faults are there for temperament or functional reasons not simply cosmetic. We are breeders who care about the breed and the people who purchase them. We aim to breed dogs of good construction, ability and temperament as companions for people who have the time and ability to bring out the best in their dog.

Towards that end we offer pups bred from such historically brilliant dogís lines as Ives Eulenspiegel his off-spring Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen. Also dogs such as Santo vom Schwaiger Wappen, Iwan vom Fusse der Eifel, Lord von Schilfeck, Benno von der Schwarzenheide, Champ vom Vilstalerland, etc and we certainly shouldn't ignore dogs such as Kai vom Tengen, Bulli vom Hungerbuhl or even Blitz vom Schloss Westerwinkel, as well as Itta vom Zimmerplatz a quality Dam and producer of many incredible dogs of major influence in a large proportion of our current breed lines in use worldwide.

WE ALSO EXPORT OVERSEAS so please enquire within about this service.

Training the Rottweiler

You now have your gorgeous young puppy at home and you have it's bed and at this point it's home picked out for it.

IT may not like it, as long as it is warm and comfortable; WHO CARES you are the boss.
Whinge whine all they like but unless you have been remiss in allowing them to relieve themselves THEY STAY where put.

That is Lesson 1

Lesson 2 -- When something done correctly ALWAYS praise both verbally and physically, probably physically more so initially when possible via a pat. Dogs seek contact. Total Verbal control comes later but the two grow hand in hand, until verbal takes over as the main praise and discipline giver.

Lesson 3 -- NEVER ever sook a Rottweiler, never tell it something is ok by cuddling it when it is not sure, IGNORE the event and tell it not to be an idiot, (as long as no harm can come to it) because the dog needs to understand that trust in you is safe for it. For dogs like all animals and humans have a Flight or Fight drive and their complete circumstance dictates whether and when they enact either and you are the controller.

Lesson 4 -- Teach your dog to come, EVERYTIME you call it, we use HERE as a command for several reasons, it works far better from 100 metres than 'come', it is demanding not asking.
'Here' being a gutteral type word is similar at close and distance, does not denote tonal changes from having to scream the word as against the the word 'come' which changes significantly when shouted for distance over the softer tones used at short distance. Therefore the dog does not think it is in trouble, because commands are always delivered in a similar tone.

Lesson 5 -- Never EVER call your dog to you to chastise it, although it is a human thing to do, to say come here, so I can eyeball and chastise you it is not the way to treat animals, it will only cause problems, the least of which is the dog is going to NOT come.

Lesson 6 -- USE and hold eye contact when disciplining your pup, do not look away till it does and when it does, a simple good dog, and walk away is good then 5 seconds later call it to you and and pat or play with it briefly.

Lesson 7 -- Dogs CRAVE contact for working out respect and position, verbal, tactile and
Eye contact, not food: food is only ever a diversion and incentive, it does not gain respect or control, in fact used wrongly it gives control to the dog and sometimes becomes a reinforcement for the wrong behaviour.

Lesson 8 -- Positive reinforcement is a catch cry for todays training--YES positively no pat if you get it wrong and a correction to make him do it right and Positively a pat when and immediately he does it right and then STOP!! A win is a win don't do the human thing and grind them into submission. 24 hours to think on it they will almost do what you required of them without asking.

Lesson 9 -- 5 most important words.
AAAARRGGHH In gutteral tone like the bitch that should have raised them says NO, STOP!!
NO is the second -- extension and human version of the above.
GOOD is the third -- For all pleasing and correct behaviour
OUT is the fourth - -Move from position and/or stop behaviour IMMEDIATELY
HERE is the fifth -- Immediately come to You.
All the above words are to be followed by good and a pat immediately the desired behavior happens.

Lesson10 -- As smart as Rottweilers are they are not dictionary literate, you can spit out 50 words and they will understand and respond to ONE, so keep it simple.

Lesson 11 - -When your dogs comes up uninvited for a pat---TELL him no or out whatever your chosen command. And call HIM up 5 seconds later for a pat, YOU dictate the pat and love not him. However for this to be effective you need to be aware of what is happening with your dog. You are not rejecting him, simply maintaining control, at times it may be correct to pat him immediately.

Lesson 12 -- Dogs work and operate on base instinct, in some ways todays society understand that no longer, but if we want proper and effective communication with our dogs we must become simpler, more realistic, and understanding of base drives instead of societies seeming target of instant gratification and result, take it slow, there is always to-morrow!

This is very brief, perhaps more a statement of attitudes, than actual training however if you use these statements as a guide it should help you raise stable and secure dogs that will be a credit to the Rottweiler breed and yourself.

This article written, owned and copyrighted by Coalfire Rottweilers, June 2005. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, without written permission.

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