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Lesley Gaze
A38 Merediths Road
Tasmania 7054
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We aim to provide a home away from home for the fussiest of feline guests.

Hello and welcome to Cosy Cats.

Cosy Cats is Hobarts newest luxury Cat Hotel situated in a beautiful semi rural area of Margate in Tasmania. Our guests are treated as part of our family and receive all the care and attention that you would expect from a five star cattery. We are located 20 minutes South of Hobart CBD and are only a five minute drive from Kingston. Each guest receives their own room with a window (unless you request that two from the same household share), a scratching post, climbing wall with boxes to sleep in, a covered litter tray, full room service including premium food, pats, scratches and massages. Our rooms are climate controlled and we have gentle music playing to simulate a home environment.

We have vets available on 24 hour call if required.

We also offer at home pet services to those that prefer their pets to stay in their familiar environment. We can visit once or twice daily and look after other things while we are there, like collecting mail, putting out the rubbish and watering your plants. This is a cost effective option where there are multiple animals, animals other than cats that need care or for anxious or nervous pets that are likely to stress if removed from their familiar environment.

Enjoy your next trip away knowing that your special friend will be pampered while you are away.

About Us

My name is Lesley and I am the Owner/Manager of Cosy Cats. I was raised on a lifestyle block and have always been surrounded by animals. In my younger days I was a breeder and trainer of Quarter Horses and then became a breeder of the beautiful Birman Cat in 2001. I have over a decade of cattery management experience and have travelled around Australia showing my cats. During this time I have made many new friends locally, interstate and even some overseas. After breeding for a few years I started getting requests from friends, kitten buyers and even by word of mouth requesting that I care for their babies while they go away on holiday. At first I would accommodate guests in spare breeding pens but as I time went on my regular visitors increased and pen space was at a premium so I established the need for a purpose built cattery, which became Cosy Cats.


Guests at Cosy Cats can expect the same things that we would expect from any five star hotel. A private room with a window, comfortable bedding, a clean and tidy room, an enclosed litter tray, premium food, room service, a scratching post for their manicures, a climbing wall to entertain, climate control, special requests attended to including complimentary back scratches, pats and massages.
We have standard suites available for one or two cats from the same household or family suites for three or more cats from the same household. We never mix cats from different households together.
We go to great lengths to ensure that everything is kept clean, tidy and sanitised. Between guests we remove everything from the rooms for cleaning, posts are vacuumed with a quality vacuum cleaner specifically designed for cat hair and then they are then disinfected using only the best quality veterinary grade disinfectants. All other items are cleaned and disinfected prior to the next guest arriving. The floors get mopped, steam cleaned and then are finally sprayed with F10 veterinary grade disinfectant which kills most bacteria, fungi and viruses within 30 seconds. F10 is harmless to humans and animals and is recommended by most veterinary clinics as the best product for use in animal establishments.

We take the health and safety of our staff and guests very seriously at Cosy Cats.

At Home Care

At Cosy Cats we also offer the same quality of service in your own home for all of your pets. We can visit once or twice daily and attend to other things as requested like watering plants, putting out the rubbish and collecting your mail. This is a cost effective alternative where there are mulitiple animals to be cared for or a good option for pets that may stress or feel anxious if removed from familiar surroundings. We also offer a transport service for pets for things like pickup and delivery of guests at the hotel, veterinary visits and we can arrange interstate pet flights.

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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