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Warren Sinclair
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Caring for You & Your Pets for Life!​

The Doggie Den - Bairnsdale

At The Doggie Den we believe that every dog and cat should be able to live a nutritionally balanced, healthy and happy life as a valued member of their household.

The Doggie Den is your one stop shop for:

advice and guidance,
superior natural diet options,
preservative free fresh meat varieties,
training and grooming accessories,
flea, tick and worming treatments,
calming solutions,
collars, leads, harnesses
​and much more!

Meet The Doggie Den Pack!!

Alpha Dog

​Warren has been living and breathing the dog business for almost a decade now. He has extensive knowledge of available pet products. ​
Warren has researched in depth the benefits of a healthy biological diet and the correlation between food and conditions ranging from skin and joint issues to behavioural problems in dogs and cats. 
Pop in to the store to receive expert nutritional advice, information and complimentary food samples.

​Pack Leader

​Kathryn has been working in the dog and cat retail industry for 6 years. Previously, she was a Customer Service Manager with Woolworths. 
Kathryn instills a customer focused approach to the business team ensuring that all visitors to The Doggie Den are given the utmost attention and guidance.
Kathryn has also spent countless hours researching, speaking with experts and companies on everything from diet, nutrition, stock quality, training, behavioral issues and more regarding pets.

​Shop Pup

Brayden is one of our newest team members. He has worked in retail for the majority of his working life and is keen to learn the in's and out's of the pet business. His role also includes the invaluable task of preparing the large volume of doggie dinners each week.

​Events Elf /

Nikki has recently joined the pack at full pelt. She is experienced in customer service and brings her creative flair and bubbly demenour into the ever growing pack. Already Nikki has taken The Doggie Den to numerous local markets and has an infectious excitement for everything Christmas. Be sure to say hi to Nikki if you come across our market stall somewhere across East Gippsland.

​Back-up Butterfly

Christine somehow finds time in her busy schedule of two and a half jobs, mother of a 6 year old and captain of a local CFA brigade to help us at The Doggie Den during busy peak times and when others are absent. She does like to regularly pop in for a chat.
Christine has been with The Doggie Den for almost three years and has become an integral member of the pack.

For all enquiries contact us today!

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