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   The home of Australias Top winning Pomeranians - Over 30 years of striving and achieving for type and excellence.

Welcome to Delrunda Mitania Pomeranians

It all started on my arrival in Australia in 1974, when I set eyes on my first Pomeranian. After seeing this little dog which belonged to a little boy who had made friends with my two sons I made up my mind then that I had to have one,and two years later... I did.

Her name was Pebbles and she was only 6 months old. She was adorable, a tiny little orange ball of fluff, and that's where it all started. I purchased my first registered Pom a year later and had Pebbles desexed.

Soon after I met through a friend, a very famous breeder from this part of Australia. Her name was Amie McCormack of the famous Lawarra prefix, we became very good friends and it was she who introduced me to the world of dog showing.

Through the next few years I purchased a couple of bitches and showed them for a while and then I decided to buy a stud dog.He soon became Aust. Ch Barton Alvin. He was only six weeks old when I bought him and he grew up to play a very important role in my breeding programme. He was an excellent producer and on breeding him to my bitches, they produced many nice puppies.
After a few years I decided I would like to Import a nice Pom from England, so in 1987 I went back to Scotland to visit my parents and decided to look for a Pom while I was there. I called a few Pom breeders in England one of which was the late Stuart Finlay-Bisset of the famous Cygal Pomeranians and he invited me to go and see his dogs. I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get there. After spending the day with Stuart I finallly plucked up the courage to ask if I could buy one of the puppies and he agreed, I thought I was dreaming!

This was Cygals I'm Some Buddy who arrived some five months later.From there on there have been many imports and much success.

The passing of my late husband in 1991 left a big void in my life and I never thought I could enjoy life again. But for those little dogs I don't think I could have carried on. I slowly got back to showing my dogs and after a couple of years became friendly with a gentleman who had been only a very short time in Poms (Michael Friedman).

Michael had lived overseas in Hong Kong for many years travelling the world as an acrobatic dancer and later as manager of a large theatre restaurant.Michael and his two daughters had kept and shown Standard Poodles in Hong Kong so he was not new to the world of dogs.

Little did I know then that our friendship would become a partnership .... not only with the dogs but through our marriage 2 years later.I owe a great deal to Michael ,he is a wonderful Husband and partner and together we have worked very hard with the dogs, importing several more from some of the best Pomeranian breeders in the U.K. U.S.A and Canada and now most recently from Ireland. I would like to thank all those wonderful people we have imported our dogs from over the years who have become our very close friends and have trusted us with their beautiful dogs.To name a few: Eve Smail, Sean Carrol, Christine & John Heartz, Marit & Jim Hattori, Maureen Quinlan, Dudley & Wanda Roach.

Thankyou all for contributing to our great success in Pomeranians.

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