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Divine Dog Grooming Salon

Victoria 3170
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"Our aim is to make the grooming experience as pleasant and as stress-free as possible, for you and your dog."

Welcome to Divine Dog Grooming Salon

Established in June 2009, we pride ourselves on gentle handling, experience, knowledge and great customer service.

Call (03) 8502 7345 or 0405 516 326 to book your appointment today
About Us

Our aim is to make the grooming experience as pleasant and as stress-free as possible, for you and your dog.

Our fully certified groomer, Dani, has always been an animal fanatic, and always strives to do what is best for the dogs she grooms. She has done two animal courses (Certificate III in Animal Technology and Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, specializing in Pet Grooming.)

Dani has been grooming for five years, since the age of 19 (2005), and has great experience in all common pet breeds of all ages. She has even gone so far as to compete in National Pet Grooming competitions, organized by the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia), competing in both “Poodle” class, placing 1st; and also the “Terrier or Other” class, coming runner up, 2nd place.

Dani also came away with the Encouragement Award out of all competitors! These competitions test the competitors’ handling skills, scissoring skills, knowledge of the breed and breed standard.

We pride ourselves on skill and care taken to each and every dog. Extra time is taken on dogs that get easily stressed by the grooming process, as well as dogs that may have recently had surgery. However, it is important to us that every dog receives special care.

Available Services

Full groom includes:

  • Sanitary clip (eyes, armpits, pads, groin, bottom)
  • Nails (clipped or filed to remove sharp edge)
  • Ears plucked and cleaned when necessary
  • Anal glands (if required only)
  • Clipping style of your choice (provided your dog is not matted/knotty)
  • Warm hand wash bath, with tearless shampoo (no hydrobath is used, as we like to feel the coat to get it extra clean)
  • Flea rinse (only if needed)
  • Blow dry
Tidy includes:

  • Sanitary clip
  • Nails
  • Ears plucked and cleaned
  • Brush out
  • Face, feet and bottom trim
  • Warm wash
  • Blow dry

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