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Julie Gorden
Western Australia 6210
P 08 9581 7500
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Therapeuric Massage & Nutritional Support for your pooch.

Dogeaze Canine Massage

Julie Gordon has been providing quality Canine Massage Therapy since early 2004. Previously providing Human Myotherapy services she decided to transfer her skills to the Canine field when her beloved fur baby Axel developed Arthritis in his hips.

After reading any book she could get her hands on relating to Canine Massage therapies, she also successfully completed Pet Massage Therapy Certificate through Australian School of Pet Studies, with much of her completed written and video assignments being requested to be included in the Schools reference material.

Further studies were successfully completed via the National College of Traditional Medicine in Melbourne where she was awarded the Certificate of Canine Myofunctional Therapy.

Julie has always has a passion for animals growing up with cats, birds (father was an avid breeder and has many published articles),dogs and horses to name a few.

You will find links to Australian School of Petcare Studies and National College of Traditional Medicine in our links page or simply use the Dogeaze Google Search located below which is set up to locate all doggie related items.

Julie provides therapeutic massage therapies to small and medium breeds in clinic or travelling between Mandurah and Baldivis....

Many owners have found that a Dog-Eaze Massage ...
  • can do wonders for dogs that are recovering from surgery or injury.
  • can help in pain management for dogs suffering with Hip dysplasia and other common problems by helping to reduce swelling and easing tension throughout both the areas affected and the opposing areas that bear the weight of compensation
  • will both help to prevent injuries and improve performance in all types of working/performance dogs, helping to bring your dog to its full athletic potential
  • relaxes and stretches muscles allowing show dogs of all breeds to reach their maximum range of motion around the ring
  • maintenance treatment helps your canine athlete maintain its optimal performance level
  • is brilliant for dogs in their “golden years”, while it cannot claim to heal conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism it is highly effective in reducing the resulting pain and muscle tension and is said to slow down the degenerative process
  • is extremely helpful in increasing muscle tone, circulation and flexibility in dogs with a reduced activity level
Massage Therapy is beneficial to all dogs including those associated with Agility, Obedience, Showing, Retrieval, Sledding, Stock dogs and the much loved family pet.

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