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   For all of your Clipping & Grooming needs - Cats included (conditions apply)

Skill & Patience used, NOT DRUGS!

Welcome to Doggie Hair Dooz
For All Your Pets Grooming Needs

Cats included! (conditions apply)

Mandy boasts over 36 years of "dog knowledge" and specializes in caring for your Nervous (or Naughty) woofers....

Our Services
Skill & Patience Used - NOT DRUGS!

Some pet owners are not aware that there are choices when getting your dogs coat clipped – it does NOT have to be shaved – in fact, if the coat condition allows, we can take as much or as little as you like. I only “shave” when I am asked to or if there are no other options due to matting etc.

To add some extra life to your clip, it is a great idea to make a “midway” appointment for a tidy up!

This includes their little faces, around their eyes, feet, nails, bottom and a bath and blow dry – can add another 4 – 8 weeks until you need another full clip/groom appointment.

Also, this option is perfect for the cooler months, it is still important that their coats are kept clean and tidy through out the year, including winter.

Unkempt coats can hide parasites and skin problems and can even cause nasty irritations if knots keep damp coat against the skin. All of this can be avoided with a regular general groom and tidy – OR we can do a longer length “Winter Clip” that allows you to keep the coat at a manageable length for you and a comfortable and warm length for your baby…


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