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Doggy Party Plan

Doggy Party Plan
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"I have an understanding of the IMPORTANCE a dog means to their owners & how much YOU mean to them!"

Doggy Party Planners

Doggy Party Planners has been educating Melbourne One Dog Lover at a time since 2003 we are the original product party for dogs in Melbourne...

Doggy Party Plan has years of experience in regard to animals; Breeding, Showing, Walking, Pet Sitting and training. With over 15 Years of experience looking after dogs, I have the necessary knowledge for dealing with all your doggy product needs.

This experience has been enhanced by frequent attendance at pet Expos / Events regularly fitting and ensuring the products are correct for each individual dog.

Doggy Party Plan is about more than just SALES - we are here to educate the average dog owner. This is the key difference with Doggy Party Plan and other more sales based Party Plans.

Doggy Party Plan is a supportive and fun business focusing on responsible pet ownership, we are always looking to expand our volunteers and friends base that support and encourage Doggy Party Plan to Educate not JUST sell.

Birthday Parties

Fully Catered Option

A fully catered Birthday party designed to cater to our pampered pooches.

A Birthday were the dogs are FULLY catered for.

A fun, interactive great excuse for getting together with your friends and your pooches friends to celebrate a birthday or even just a special occasion.

What is included
  • x1 Tie or Bandana for the Doggy Guests to wear on the day & take home to remind them of their adventures
  • 'Special' Pet's own Milk Drink served to your dog and all doggy guests in an individual Silver Dish with Dried Liver sprinkles
  • Heaps of treats - Dried Liver, Chocolate for Dogs, cooked chicken and sausage etc all provided on the day for THOROUGH SPOILING
  • Water provided for the dogs
  • Lots of Games / activities will be conducted with the Dogs and Owners, providing a VERY rewarding environment for the dogs to be asked to complete a task
  • Lots of fun and lots of laughing
  • Prizes / Treats and gifts are offered to the doggies and Owners for participation in games
  • A Treat Bag for Each Doggy Guest containing Treats, Vouchers & valuable information on dog/animals services
  • A BIRTHDAY Cake for the dogs is also provided on the day the owners can take this home, or have it served to their dog nearer to the end of the party
  • An experienced dog handler assistant to help organise games as well as Owners and Dogs

  • DIY Birthday Packs

    You can organise, cater & experience your VERY own Do-It-Yourself Doggy Birthday Party with a little help from Doggy Party Plan.

    A special pack containing all that is needed to cater for up to 10 doggy guests.

    What is included
  • x1 Birthday Dog - Bow Tie OR Bandana (depending on availability)
  • x10 Treat Bags - Each Treat Bag contains goodies, samples, treats & vouchers (These can ALWAYS be added to) These are for the individual dogs to take home with them, to remember the excellent day!
  • x1 'Pets Own' Milk - Ready to use to make 'Special' Milk Drinks
  • Full color Instructions of 'How to' make a 'Special' Milk Drink for your very own Birthday Boy/Girl
  • x1 Stainless steel Bowl - (for 'special' milk drink for guests or birthday Boy)
  • x1 Packet of Dried Liver Sprinkles (for top of the 'special' milk drinks)
  • x1 Cappuccino Frother - to allow for easy making of the 'Special Milk Drink'
  • x1 Full Recipe and Instructions for Doggy Birthday Cake (Nutritionally sound & safe for dogs)
  • x1 Packet of Various mixed treats to treat the dogs on the day of the event
  • Plus heaps of Ideas, Tips & Suggestions and even games for a successful D-I-Y Doggy Party.

  • Products

    Bags and Carriers

    Doggles Pet Carrier
    This is a unique design - It is a softer type bag that is a fantastic easy to use carrier & actually comes with it's own Bowl and Blanket!

    Red Hibiscus Enclosed Carrier
    A touch of class - Just for your pets! This stylish carrier is a great portable home... Designed for the Little/Medium dogs of the world!

    Quilted Carriers
    Designed with ONE large opening at the top of the bag as well as side ventilation mesh. This carrier is in a class of its own, with a Soft furry lining around the top of the bag.


    Doggy Den
    This is a GREAT ORIGINAL Bed that is designed to last.Covered in a soft fluffy high quality Sherpa material with individually sewn internal foaming Meaning it WILL NOT Bunch / or deteriorate through your dogs usage or machine washing.

    Deluxe Plush Fur Snuggler Beds
    Guaranteed to Please the fussiest sleepers Just like you, your pet also can sleep in Plush Bedding so soft & plush your pet will enjoy bedtime again! This bedding offers a removable inner pillow (which is a bed in itself) & a cosy outer ring that is also PLUSH & Soft for support.

    Velboa Bedding
    These fancy quality dog beds are in Animal Skin patterns, based on an oval shape and suit ANY setting. The feature of this bed is the design - It has the option of having a Zip on the Outer cover - allowing for easy separation from the soft foam for washing - This allows for quicker drying - However the entire bed is machine washable if the zip option is not taken.

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