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Bark Busters is the Largest Dog Training Company in the World.

That hopefully reassures you that our dog training techniques work as we have grown and continue to grow as a result of our unique system of dog training. We have approximately 45 franchises in Australia and New Zealand, and we get together on a regular basis both in conjunction with Head Office and in smaller groups to fine tune our skills and keep up-to-date with techniques.

Home dog training has been proven to work, as you and your dog are in familiar, relaxed surroundings and therefore can learn more quickly and effectively. Some dogs we see are either naughty in group training classes and have been “expelled” or are as good as gold in a classroom environment but misbehave at home or outside.

Training Services

Behaviour Therapy

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviours, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that Bark Busters dog trainer can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – we can help!

Puppy Training

Puppies need guidance in the form of puppy obedience training to learn good manners and develop a pleasant, obedient nature. While it’s true that puppies receive much of their socialisation from their mothers and litter mates in the first 12 weeks of life, as your puppy’s pack leader, you will pick up where mother dog left off as primary puppy trainer. Bark Busters trainers offer puppy training in your home, as well as puppy training classes. Crate training puppies, house training puppies, and lead training puppies are primary areas in which your puppy will begin his education to become a good canine citizen.

Bark Busters Puppy Management Program can be started a few days after your puppy has settled in to the new home. The puppy training program gives you a head start and gives you everything you need to successfully train your puppy at home. In addition the program helps you deal with the many puppy problems that commonly occur in the first 6 months. The training takes place in your home and the initial lesson takes around two to three hours.

The puppy training program can cover:
  • House breaking
  • The benefits of crate training
  • Diet and good food manners
  • Recall – coming when called
  • Gate and door control
  • Sit, stay and down training
  • Correct holding of the lead and walking
  • Walking to heel
  • Distance control (staying with you when there are other distractions)
  • How to successfully socialise your puppy
  • Accustoming your puppy to being handled
  • Bad behaviour management and prevention e.g. jumping up, mouthing, play biting and chewing
Please note: although training will be carried out on the day, puppies can get tired very quickly so some training may only be able to be explained and not demonstrated on the day.
  • Introduction
  • Puppy Training
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Obedience Training
  • What to expect
  • Governing Principles
  • Gold Service
Please note: although training will be carried out on the day, puppies can get tired very quickly so some training may only be able to be explained and not demonstrated on the day.

Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training is the process of teaching your dog to understand and respond to a variety of commands such as sit, stay, down-stay, walking to heel and recall (coming back when called). Effective communication and good timing is the key to achieving excellent obedience. Letting your dog know what’s expected of him/her, in a way he/she can understand, is the place to start. Dogs use body language for 80% of their communication, so it’s no wonder they view our strange idiosyncratic human tendencies with confusion. We’ve all seen dogs who tilt their heads on one side and offer a blank expression in response to our commands. Similarly, we meet many dogs who seem convinced their name must be “bad dog”, as this is the phrase they hear most often from their owners. How many dogs only ever hear their real names barked at them in anger? Is it any wonder they don’t fancy coming back if they think they’re going to be told off?

Treat training can be used to good effect in obedience training, as some dogs will do anything you ask of them for a treat, but does this ‘really’ teach them anything? In psychological terms, the treat or reward concept is classified as ‘baiting’, and will achieve certain results through trickery, much like a fisherman luring a fish onto a hook. When did you last see a dog offering treats to another?

Ultimately, the results from treat training can be somewhat limited, as they fail to teach the dog the desire to want to be with their owners unless they are paying them for the privilege with treats. In the natural canine pack instinct, leaders control all of the pack resources and never surrender food to subordinates unless they have had their fill. Instead respect is generated through consistent, reliable and effective leadership providing the pack members with a wonderful sense of safety and security. This is the process of natural selection in action, which is evident in all animals regardless of whether they are domesticated or wild.

Gold Service

Fixed price all inclusive service includes “Bark Busters Lifetime Support Guarantee“. Your Bark Busters Trainer and Behaviourist will work with you from the comfort of your home to address any problems, putting in place the necessary training and behaviour modification program to resolve your dog behavioural issues. You will be guided with expert hands on tuition with the prescribed techniques required to resolve and maintain control of any issues. You will continue to receive on-going dog training and support as required until the results achieved meet your personal satisfaction. If, throughout the life of your dog, you find that you need further help with the training, your therapist will return free of charge to your home for any necessary follow-up training sessions to re-establish the result or to address any other issues. Your guarantee is underwritten by Bark Busters International, the worlds largest and most successful dog training organisation. (Conditions apply)

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