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Dogues Of Ascot

A223 Lancaster Road
Queensland 4007
P 07 32681474
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Our highly qualified and experienced groomers can perform many different types of clips.

Dogues Of Ascot
No matter what size, shape, colour or breed, we believe your dog deserves the best. If you truly love your dog (and we know you do!) you'll be quick to understand the differences that make Dogues of Ascot such a unique place.

Born in partnership with the recently renovated Ascot Veterinary Sergery, Dogues customers enjoy their time in a super modern and comfortable air conditioned premises. Our staff truly love animals and all out pets are treated with the utmost respect and patience. No sedation is ever used for our dogs at Dogues.

All of our groomers are experienced and can handle any specific grooming requests. We keep updated records on each dog we groom including style and length of haircut so future requests can easily be handled.

We specialise in pedigree breed style clips and creative styling for mixed breeds as well as our popular comfort clips for the warmer summer months.

Also popular is our groom through, bath and drying service in the winter months keeping your special friend looking warm and cuddly.

We also carry a large range of pet grooming and general accessories in our Douges Boutique and our qualified groomers can recommend the most suitable shampoos, brushes and combs to keep your pet looking as groomed as possible until their next appointment at Dogues.

Because of our partnership with the Ascot Veterinary Surgery, an appointment at Dogues can also be used to keep up with some Veterinary attention such as Vaccinations, Heartworm injections or simply picking up the most up to date and effective flea control products, Consultations for medical problems can also be arranged when either dropping off or collecting from Dogues to avoid another trip away from home for you pet.

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