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   Helping dogs and people live a happy life.

Hey, I'm Dog Whisperer Kev. You might be wondering what a Dog Whisperer is? A Dog Whisperer is somebody who has developed a high level of awareness and understanding of the mind and natural instincts of the canine species. This allows human and dog to form a deep connection free of the many constraints humans normally put in the way. And I am here to help you and your dog achieve a balanced and happy relationship through the use of Dog Psychology.

A little bit about me. In the past, I spent time at the RSPCA working as a volunteer Dog Walker and Dog Grooming Assistant. And thatís where I first began using Dog Psychology to understand and communicate with dogs. After all, a dog is a dog, not a human. In the time I spent at the RSPCA. I worked with thousands of dogs through rain, hail or shine, helping the dog community as best as I possibly could. Which as a Dog Whisperer, I continue to do now. At the RSPCA, there were good times. Like watching a dog, get a second chance at life by being adopted by a new family. Then there were the bad times. Like spending the last few minutes with a dog before the dog was put to sleep. You name it, I experienced at the RSPCA. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in half a heartbeat. For those experiences changed and shaped who I am today.

Now, a bit about what I do as a Dog Whisperer. As a Dog Whisperer I help correct and rehabilitate unwanted dog behaviours. And teach you, the owner, on how to take control of your dog by using calm assertive energy to become the pack leader. Because calm assertive energy instinctively tells dog that you are authority figure. Then by using calm assertive energy you will have the ability to take control and turn your dog into calm submissive pack follower. And you and your dogís relationship will grow stronger each day with you leading and your dog following.

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