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   For your information please note that to make the experience for your pet as pleasant as possible you as an owner can take some very simple steps that will make a huge difference, this also makes it easier for the Vet if you ever need to take them for a check up for any reason.

Services available are as follows:-
  • Hydrobath
  • Drying
  • Nails
  • Clipping
  • Ear Plucking
  • Flea Rinse
  • Deoderizer
  • Training
Handling your pet is an essential first step and this starts from the time the canine enters your household. Get him/her used to being restrained and having its feet touched, head held and teeth and ears checked as well as general brushing. The use of treats and praise as you get them accustomed to the process will help them associate it with a positive experience. Remember always finish on a good note this is achieved by small steps, starting with a couple of seconds (before pup struggles and pulls away), building up to a reasonable period to enable you to do what is necessary. Socializing your pup is also important helping it to be more relaxed around someone it may not be familiar with.

I endeavour to take the utmost care and have them be as comfortable as possible, from my own experience of 15 years I know what a difference it can make when they receive consistent handling from their owners.

Happy customers is my aim!

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