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Equine Myofunctional Therapy (Professional Horse Massage), Equissage Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies.

Contact NameMandy Rolff
Victoria 3810
Mobile0419 101 218
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All Horses should be regarded as athletes whether the carry you to
Glory in the showring
Prizemoney in the Western Pen
A clear round in the SJ ring
Or just a pleasurable 'Sunday-get-away' ride on the trails.

Equine Myofunctional Therapy addresses all manner of tissue in a horses' body, from large muscles to connective ligaments and tendons, from the Digestive system to the Central Nervous system.
An Equine Myofunctional Therapist is a Practioner who understands the Anatomy and Physiology of the horse, and the Therapuetic outcomes associated with professionally applied techniques.

Equissage Therapy has been designed by Physiotherapists especially for horses. Equissage incorporates a new and unique three-way cycloidal action that stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation of tissue and increased joint mobility.

Bach Flower Remedies are classed as a 'vibrational medicine' and are used specifically to treat emotional problems.
Separation Anxiety, fear of a particular object, unwillingness to concentrate or bad memories of past trauma are all emotional problems which benefit from treatment with a Bach Flower Remedy.
Each case is assessed individually and a mixture is made specifically to combat the problem the horse is experiencing.


Diploma of Equine Myofunctional Therapy
National College of Traditional Medicine- 2000

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