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About Us
Established in 2004, we are known for our extensive range of corals and invertebrates within the Sydney to Newcastle region.

We also have a large range of Goldfish, Tropical Fish, Cichlids and Live Plants for the Freshwater Aquarist.

We ensure that all of our customers receive the right advice in purchasing and putting together a successful aquarium that works.

We manufacture standard and custom aquariums on the coast, our motto being “Imagine it, we will design it!”. If you’re thinking of getting into the hobby or upgrading your existing aquarium be sure to contact us for a free design and quote.


Aquarium Leasing and Maintenance Packages

Fantasea Aquariums offer a large range of aquariums for lease. Our aquariums are specifically aqua scaped to brighten up any dull location and to create interest for all ages. We offer this complete service based on a 12 month or more lease agreement.

We believe here at Fantasea Aquariums that all businesses can benefit from having one of our custom designed aquariums in their office, showroom, waiting area or home.

An attractive aquarium is impressive, interesting and aesthetically pleasing décor with a difference. An aquarium will help visitors to remember your business as well as offer a therapeutic visual distraction to escape stress, anxiety or boredom.

Our aquarium units are supplied complete and are allocated a representative to service and maintain your new system. You don’t even have to worry about feeding time as some units come with automatic fish feeders, and those that don’t, have measured quantities so feeding is made easy.

We have packages to suit everyone's tastes and budgets.

For any enquiries please contact us on 02 43 281 692 or [email protected]

Regular Aquarium Servicing

If you have an aquarium at home or at the office and you simply don’t have time to perform the necessary maintenance on it give Fantasea Aquariums a call.

We will show up when we say we will and guarantee that you will be impressed with our services.

This service also offers our client the opportunity to purchase products without having to come in to the store.

Some of our existing clients are Anytime Fitness Wyoming, Erina, Diggers @ The Entrance, GB Dental Erina, Davis & Stewart Acccountancy The Entrance, Billy Goat Soap, North Lakes Wellness Practice, Juniors at Wamberal & Wadalba Child Care and many more.


AquaStik Stone Grey Epoxy Putty - Two Little Fishies - For Underwater Use


AquaStik Stone Grey Epoxy works on dry, damp, or wet surfaces and cures underwater. Non-toxic to fish, invertibrates, aquatic plants, reptiles and small animals. Excellent for attaching live rock, stony corals, gorgonians, aquatic plants, and other aquascaping items. Bonds to wood, concrete, ceramic, acrylic, metals and fiberglass. AquaStik can be drilled, sanded, sawed and machined. Useful for making repairs. Hand kneadable and fast curing. No strong odor. Mixes in 1 minute, hardens in 20 minutes. Full strength cure in 24 hours. Stick format eliminates waste or mis-proportioning. Clay like consistency affords "no-mess" application requiring no tools. For use in Marine and Freshwater aquariums, Ponds & Paludariums, Reptile & Small Animal habitats

Miracle Mud




Miracle Mud will continually replenish your aquarium's concentration of trace elements and minerals to create an ideal environment.

Miracle Mud also contains anaerobic microorganisms that denitrify the aquarium leading to a pristine home for your fishes and corals. Further proven benefits from the usage of Miracle Mud include:
  • Reversal of head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) in fishes.
  • Restoration and maintenance of fish and coral's health and vibrant colors.
  • Compatibility in various types of aquariums (fish-only tanks, coral-only tanks, or small polyped stony (SPS) reef tanks)
  • Natural denitrifier.

Miracle Mud is 80% oceanic mud, harvested in a certain region at a certain depth, 20% trade secret when processed we blend minerals and trace elements that is time released into the water column. Therefore it is not necessary to add any chemicals or additives to balance the water chemistry.

Red Sea Success Calcium +3


Treats 2400L
Calcium and strontium are utilised by corals, other calcareous invertebrates and sea weeds. Iodine and molybdenum are essential for the cell process of the aquarium inhabitants. These elements are used up faster than can be compensated by partial water changes. Calcium + 3 is the only formulated calcium replenisher which combines strontium, molybdenum and iondine in a unique manner so that no cation or anion displacement occurs when added to the aquarium. This formula will promote the growth of hard and soft corals and other invertebrates.

Tropic Marin Pro Coral Organic



Stimulates coral growth and reduces phosphate levels in marine aquaria.
Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Organic contains valuable protein components and minerals that stimulate the growth of leather corals, disk and crust anemone species. As a result, another component of all living organisms, i.e. phosphate, is absorbed from the water by anthozoa that reduce phosphate levels in the aquaria. These natural conditions help the animals to thrive an exhibit more natural growth and colour qualities.

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