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F 0419 768 168 - pet sitting
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Professional Dog Groomers Brisbane / Doggy Day Spa | Brisbane Pet Sitting | Dog Walking

Professional Dog Groomers Brisbane / Doggy Day Spa

[email protected] Grooming Salon Murarrie, Brisbane Operates 5 days a week by Appointment Only. Tuesday – Saturday

At FurryKids Dog Grooming, we Offer the full range of services at our Dog Day Spa Salon. Our services are dog clipping, dog grooming, dog wash, breed specific clips and dog colouring. All breeds and all sizes of dogs are welcome.

No long waiting periods and dogs are normally groomed between 1-2 hours. We pride ourselves on being an Express service. This means Your Dog doesn’t have to sit around for half a day waiting to be groomed and being traumatised by the sounds and waiting period. No Cages and No sedation. We specialise in Essential Oils in our dog grooming salon.

Our highly Skilled Groomers and Pet Stylists are trained in full Scissor cutting and specialise in standard / mini / toy Poodles, standard / min Schnauzers, Western Highlander (Westies), Bichon Frise grooms. All of Our Dog Groomers have a minimum of 2 years Experience.

PLEASE NOTE if dogs are heavily matted (knotty), extra fees have to be applied for shaving back matting or de-matting due to extra time required for both services.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU MAKE A BOOKING AND NEED TO CANCEL WE REQUIRE 24Hrs notice so as to re sell the booking.

Otherwise on Your Next Booking You may be expected to pay a cancellation fee of up to $25. this is due to being an express service and Groomers time/wages still need to be paid. This also includes if you “no Show’ for an appointment.  Thank you for understanding.

Note: We don’t groom Cats Presently.

Please text a Dog Grooming Appointment request
0419 541 008.

Dog Wash: Bath & Blow Dry


  • Thorough hand wash in our stainless steel bath in warm fresh clean water, with your choice of quality shampoo and conditioner; oatmeal, herbal and whitening shampoo available
  • Blow dry
  • Full Brush Out of Coat
  • Doggy Cologne

*Malaseb, other medicated shampoo or flea shampoo extra $2

Deluxe Dog Wash


  • Thorough hand wash in our stainless steel bath with fresh clean water, with your choice of quality shampoo and conditioner; oatmeal, herbal and whitening shampoo available
  • Full brush out of Coat
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Nails Trimmed and Filed
  • Doggy cologne

*Regular weekly/fortnightly w/b dogs will get their 11th wash and blowdry free!

Super Saturday Dog Wash

Do You Own a wriggly Dog, don’t have the room to wash your dog properly in warm clear water or time poor…… We have the Answer

  • Saturday only 9am -2pm
  • PLEASE BYO Towel. We will Chamois dry first
  • No Booking required.
  • The owner must stay while your dog is washed.
  • Hand washed in stainless steel bath with our standard oatmeal shampoo.
  • Fresh clean warm water only.
  • No Nasty Chemicals.
  • No blow drying. Other services extra fee. All Breeds welcome.
  • Trim nails extra $7.00 with Wash only Service.

Super Saturday Dog Wash for 1 dog

Super Dog Wash

Up to 5 kg


Up to 15 kg


Over 15 kg


Trim & Tidy Dog Grooming

Must include Wash & Blow Dry

Includes  thorough Hand Wash in warm fresh clean water, in your choice of Quality Shampoo,  Blow Dry, Brush through, Ear Clean, Face trim with Scissors, Pads of  Paws cleaned & Nail Trimmed and filed, shave/ clip groin area & Bottom for Hygiene.  We will also shave Tummy if knotty.

The Body is NOT touched. Or this is considered a Full Body Groom.

Full Body Dog Grooming / Puppy Grooming

Includes  thorough Hand Wash in warm fresh clean water, in your choice of Quality Shampoo,  Blow Dry, Brush through, Ear Clean, Face trim with Scissors, Pads of  Paws cleaned & Nail Trimmed and filed, shave/ clip groin area & Bottom for Hygiene.  The body of your dog is clipped using Grooming Clippers. We are happy to clip to the desired length you wish to achieve however coats that are very knotty extra fees will be quoted to de matt. Excessive knots, matting we will Clip/ shave for the comfort of your dog and the safety of the groomer.

  • Express service – most grooms are 1 to 2 hrs.
  • Full Coat of Dog is clipped to desired length with Scissor finish.
  • We specialise in #Asian Style Grooming, Scissor breeds e.g Poodles, Schnauzers, Scotties and Westies . We are Dog Stylists.
  • We specialise in Scissor legs, booties etc
  • Colourists for extra fun and Dog Chalking.
  • No crate / cages. No sedation. Doggy play pens for holding.
  • We only use fresh warm water for bathing.
  • Your choice of quality Shampoo.
  • Happy to use a speciality shampoo you bring along for use. No extra fee.

********Matting     A dog who has matting will be charged $5-$15 more due to time taken and blades going blunt. Dematting $5 every 5 min part thereof. Due to the extra required to brush out matting.

Extra Services of Dog Grooming

  • Add nail polish
  • Nails trimmed, filled and clean pads of paws
  • Nails trimmed filled clean pads of paws and “poodle feet”
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Face trim only (must be clean washed dog)
  • Scissoring legs extra price onto normal groom price* depending on size of dog/time
  • Scissoring Booties on poodles
  • Bichon Frise face/head scissor
  • Intense Condition treatment (add to shampoo)
  • Colouring
  • Chalk a heart, flower etc. on body
  • Chalk part tail or part ears
  • Permanent colour flash on tail
  • Colour part ears or full ears
  • Ankle Bangles 2 front legs

Pet Taxi Service

FurryKids Grooming Salon is now Providing a Pet Taxi to Our Salon and back to your Home.

This is an ideal , friendly service for People who Don’t drive though would like their Dog Groomed in Our Salon by a Professional Groomer.

We will Pick your Dog up, discuss what Groom/ Pet Style You want and deliver your dog back to you looking Furry Fabulous!

Pet Taxi to Our Dog Grooming Salon is available Tues to Friday by pre- arranged appointment ONLY….Speak to Stephanie

This service is $15 return trip for your Dog /s

FurryKids Pet Taxi Service to and From Our Grooming Salon are for the following Suburbs :

Morningside, Bulimba, Balmoral, Hawthorne, Cannon Hill & Murarrie

Why Choose [email protected]  Dog Grooming Salon ?

  • No long waiting periods and Dogs are normally groomed between 1-2 hours. We pride ourselves on being an Express service.  This means Your Dog doesn’t have to sit around for half a day waiting to be groomed and being traumatised by the sounds and waiting period.
  • No Cages and No sedation. We specialise in Essential Oils.
  • We Offer the full range of services in our Dog Grooming Salon and All breeds and sizes are welcome.
  • Hydraulic tables so your Dog doesn’t have to Jump. Large, comfortable Grooming Tables
  • We don’t use Hydro bath where different shampoos are used in the same piping. We Have a Stainless Steel Bath Tub which is clean and Hygienic.  Your dog stands comfortable on the same height as the groomer. Only Fresh, warm water comes through the pipes. Reduces derma logical skin problems
  • Our highly Skilled  Groomers/ Pet Stylists are trained in full Scissor cutting and specialises in Poodles, Schnauzers and Western Highland grooms. All of Our Groomers have a minimum of 2 years Finishing Experience

Furry Kids Dog Grooming Salon

New address:


Tuesday – Saturday, Monday by special request.

First groom 9am last groom 4pm

0419 541 008

Our Dog Grooming Salon is located in Murarrie and our clients travel from the neighbouring suburbs of :
Morningside, Bulimba, Balmoral, Hawthorne, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Tingalpa, Belmont, Wynnum, Camp Hill, Coorparoo, Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane, Wooloongabba, Carindale, Norman Park, Seven Hills,  Greenslopes  & Holland Park.

We groom:

  • Toy Poodles, Mini Poodles, Standard Poodles
  • Shih-tzu, Shih-tzu crosses
  • Maltese, Maltese crosses
  • king Charles Cavaliers
  • Tibetan Spaniels
  • Western Highlander Terriers (Westies)
  • Bichon Frise
  • Terriers
  • Pugs
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Spoodles
  • Cavoodles
  • Labradoodles
  • Standard Schnauzers, Mini Schnauzers
  • Border Collies
  • Labradors
  • Golden Retrievers
  • German Sheperds
  • Samoyed
  • Japanese Spitz
  • and other breeds

Brisbane Pet Sitting

dogs, cats, fish, birds and other small domestic pets

Phone Ian Pelgrave 0419 768 168 for bookings or enquiries.

[email protected] is a Pet Sitting Service in Morningside, Brisbane owned and Operated by Ian Pelgrave since 2006.  Our main aim is to provide ‘The Red Carpet Treatment’ ‘Love & Care’ for your Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish and other small domestic pets. Feeding pets, Refreshing water, Sending updates to owners/parents.

We understand that it is a very big decision to make the right choice for your loved dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small domestic pets. Staying at home is an excellent alternative to kennel boarding, catteries or relying on friends or family.

  • All Pets get to stay together!!
  • It will reduce stress for them to stay in a familiar environment, where their routines aren’t interrupted, and surroundings- sights, smells and sounds are what they are use to.
  • Added security for your home to have dogs stay @ home and us visiting every day
  • Less expensive than Kennel boarding for more than 1 pet
  • No inconvenience for you, of taking/collecting pets from often long distant kennels or catteries
  • [email protected]™are fully insured, have been police checked and are bound to You by contract to undertake the duties outlined in the contract
  • Owners will receive emails or phone text messages for updates of how much fun their furry kids ™ are having!

Introduction Meeting

Love & Care is very important to us.

We request a 30 minute comprehensive Introduction Meeting with the Furry Kids Carer at your Home before the first day of Pet Sitting.

We take down full details of : food regimes, exercise routines and most importantly their likes & dislikes. We will explain all our services, fees and terms & conditions. The Introduction meeting is a once off $20 fee per half hour. Contracts will be signed, information forms filled about your pets & our Terms & Conditions will be given to you .(We will also check that all pets worming & needles are up to date and that they are not aggressive animals)

1 Dog

Pet Sitting

Every Daily Visit

Includes Dog Feeding, Changing water, Play time, cuddle time and Walk. Collecting fresh droppings, daily feed back


2 Dogs 

Pet Sitting

Every Daily Visit

Includes feeding, play time, walk, collecting fresh droppings.


1 Dog and 1 Kitten

Pet Sitting

Every Daily Visit

Includes feeding pets, hanging fresh water, cuddle and play time, walking dog, collecting fresh droppings and kitty litter cleaning


Up to 2 Cats indoors / outdoors

Pet Sitting

Everyday Visit

Includes visiting cats at home for indoor Or outdoor cats, feeding cats, changing water, play time and Kitty Litter Cleaning


Fish, Birds and Other Small Animals

Pet Sitting

Everyday Visit


15 minutes DOG visit from $22

Pet Sitting

Everyday Visit

Up to 2 Dogs 15minutes $22.00 in conjunction / With a 30 minutes visits eg morning visit 15mins afternoon visit 30mins

$28 for 1dog , 2dogs $33

Miscellaneous Charges

Every other pet will be charged $5 only if extra cleaning/work has to be carried out. eg. cleaning cage/tank/sweeping.

  • Tank of fish – cleaning once per week
  • Up to 2 guinea pigs cleaning out hutch once per week.
  • Cage of Birds – cleaning out cage once per week

Other charges:

  • TID tag for pet visit duration. per furry kid:  $2
  • Key Pick up and drop off: $15.
  • Buying trip to shop for extra supplies for furry feather or fin kids $15
  • Time taken to find escaped pets from your home. Every 30 mins or part there of : $30
  • Last minute/ Late booking fee ( if less than 24 hours notice is given for first time – New clients): $25
  • Less than 24 hours notice given for cancellation the full payment for one day of service will be charged. All other money will be refunded.
  • Public Holiday Loadings. Xmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day will incur 60% Loading. All other Public Holidays will incur 50% loading.
  • All Third party fee – eg Vet bills, parking, food supplies purchased, fines for unregistered animals, products to rid pets of fleas, shampooing: Price on application

We ask for credit card details or leave the details with your vet in case of any Vet visits.

Other fees are explained on our contract, Terms and Conditions.

** All bookings and All monies must go through [email protected]™ administration for your pets to be fully insured & covered for public liability while in our care. No responsibility will be accepted by [email protected]™ if this is not the case.

We don’t require Deposit for a Bookings however Each and Every Block Of visits is to be Paid in Full before the First Day of Visits Begins. The Contract you Sign with [email protected] tm covers both parties for all subsequent future pet visits.

Please Note We are not a cleaning service. We will not accept yards full of droppings, flea infested animals or areas that are flea infested, dirty and unclean to work in. We require all bowls to be scrubbed & clean on our first visit and kitty litters refreshed. This means we will be able to spend more quality time with your pets which is what it is all about.

Primary Suburbs for Pet Visiting

Primary Suburbs We Cover for service are: Morningside: Balmoral, Bulimba, Hawthorne, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Carina, Seven Hills, Norman Park, Camp Hill, Whites Hill, East Brisbane, Tingalpa, Kangaroo Point, Coorparoo.

We may also be able to visit neighbouring suburbs when possible.

Some suburbs may incur a $3- $10 levy  for each Journey covered due to travel time /petrol

Dog Walking

All Dog Breeds love to be social, sniff new smells & mark new territory! Every Walkies is a new adventure full of fun.

[email protected]™ offer this service Monday to Friday – Sunshine or Rain! Though not in conditions where the dogs or Carer may be harmed e.g. thunderstorms or middle of the day in Summer. All Permanent Dog walking Jobs are done in the Morning and afternoon in summertime. Winter time anytime of the day.

[email protected]™  always carry Poo Bags, Fresh Water / Bowls and Red Rain Coats on Rainy Days!

[email protected]™ do prefer to take your dog for a one on one experience with the dog walker however we are happy to walk 2 dogs together from the same family.

We aren’t “Back Yard Walkers” , this is our Full Time Professional Business – We are responsible and reliable adults. Your treasured doggies will be fully insured for public liability while in our care. Our walkers are very experienced in walking dogs and will always walk in uniform. We are police checked and are security conscious if we are required to enter your locked property.

Before walking your dogs we require a meeting at your place to meet you and your doggies to fill in a comprehensive form regarding your pets behaviour / rules / training when on walkies so that your dog will have a fantastic experience.

Up to two dogs

Dog Walking

30 minutes.


45 minutes.


15 minutes


Call Ian Pelgrave on 0419 768 168 to book Dog Walking.

Suburbs of Dog Walking

Our dog walking service covers the following suburbs :Morningside, Hawthorne, Bulimba, Balmoral, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Norman Park, Seven Hills, Carina,  Camp Hill, Belmont . Tingalpa, Whites Hill, Coorparoo And East Brisbane.

** All bookings and All monies must go [email protected]™ administration for your dogs and cats to be fully insured & covered for public liability while in our care. Otherwise no responsibility for any mishaps will  be accepted by [email protected]


Service Categories