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Fussy Dogs Dog Grooming & Hydrobathing

AShop 3 ABC Village
Jenkins Avenue
Whyalla Norrie
South Australia 5608
P 08 8644 1001
M0459 253 873
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Grooming - At Fussy Dogs Salon

Hydrobathing - Fussy Dogs Mobile Trailer

Dog Grooming

We have a convenient mobile dog grooming trailer. For appointments in the trailer please phone 0459 253 873

Open Mon-Sat 8:30 - 1pm other times by SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

  • A quick brush through to detangle small knots/prickles.
  • Ears & Eyes gently cleaned.
  • Nails trimmed if needed.
  • Hydrobath / Handwash with warm, fresh water & a choice of high quality specialist shampoos.
  • A thorough rinse with clean, warm water to leave your dog’s coat shiny & squeaky clean.
  • High velocity blow dry which will dry the coat all the way through leaving it soft & shiny
  • Feet, face & hygiene trim.
  • Finishing brush & deodorise with a choice of coat care colognes.
  • A dog treat for every client.

Also included….

During all of our grooming services we also trim nails (if required), pluck ears (if required), clean ears and inspect and treat for fleas and ticks, and check the dog for ear infections, skin rashes, and growths. We will then advise you if we think your best friend should be seen by your vet.

We try to make your pets stay with us a positive, enjoyable experience and try to get them back to you within a few hours.

Longer styles and character trimming requires the use of scissors and lots of patience. Scissoring takes a longer time to successful create that special look and is charged accordingly. The art of scissoring is acquired over years of practice.

Correctly clipping and bathing your dog is not a 5 minute job. We like to have all our clients arrive by 9am and get settled before the grooming session begins.

The first clip removes excess hair to get the dog ready for the bath. Once freshly bathed your pet is towelled dried. Next is the fluff drying with a turbo dryer, to straighten the coat in preparation for scissoring.

We do not usually clip one dog from start to finish. All pre work is done and then they have a bath and get dry. Once everyone is nice and clean we start the finishing work. We find that the dogs cope with the grooming session and are much happier if they are not on the grooming table for any great length.

There are many different ways and preferences to clip some breeds, so please let us know your specific requirements and we will happily match your expectations. If you want your best friend to sport a professional breed clip, then rest assured that our staff are trained to clip all sorts of breeds.

Hand scissoring and trimming can be tailored at owners request, so please feel free to discuss your dogs requirements at check in.

Nervous Pets

Some pets are not comfortable with being groomed. They may be overly anxious or difficult to handle. If we feel that we are unable to groom them, we will not subject them to a grooming session. We do not believe it is fair to try and groom a dog that is distressed.

Nervous pets may have been mis-treated or handled roughly in the past and it takes time to gain their confidence, to show them that nothing bad will happen to them. Gentle handling over a number of visits, will usually win them over, and they then accept and enjoy the grooming procedure.

Your pets health and safety is a primary concern. If I notice your pet is becoming stressed, we will stop the grooming session and have you pick him up.

Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Fussy Dogs can be found at Shop 3 ABC Village Jenkins Avenue Whyalla Norrie.
For appointments phone 8644 1001

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