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David Byrne
Western Australia 6000
M0433 324 347
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We offer many great services in Perth to cover all your freshwater aquatic needs, Perth pond and aquarium offer general maintenance for both ponds and aquariums, rentals with included maintenance, and of course emergency fish care.


Expert Pond Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Perth

We are your leading freshwater aquatic specialist, regardless of your needs, we've got the tools and expertise to get the job done.

Stop relying on the "fish expert" wannabes who are endangering your aquatic life and ruining your aquatic paradise, and give us a call today.

Some of our services include:
    Perth Pond and Aquarium Cleaning
    Installation of All Your Aqua Products
    On Call 24 / 7, Fish Health and Disease Control
    Pond Building And Resealing
    Live Fish and Plants For Sale
    Transport of Aquatic Life
We are also there to offer friendly advice if you need it, and because freshwater aquatics are our passion at Get Wet Ponds, you know it's the best advice and service possible. Click here to see what some of our customers have said about the service.

Don't forget, at Get Wet Ponds, we'll literally get wet, for you!

Our Range of Services

We offer many great services to cover all your freshwater aquatic needs, including general maintenance for both ponds and aquariums, rentals with included maintenance, and of course emergency fish care.


It's raining, you're busy and there's always something better to do, but it has to be done. What do you do? Well you call Get Wet Ponds of course! We'll come over and have your pond or freshwater aquarium looking as good as new in a jiffy.

Pond and aquarium maintenance includes:
  • Water testing
  • Water change
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning of filter and pond or aquarium
  • Gravel cleaning
  • Trimming of water plants
  • Checking that all equipment is running correctly!
  • Perth's #1 pond and aquarium cleaning business
Our Price includes the call out fee and first hour of work.


Have you got the planning for your new pond done yet? Do you know if it needs to be approved by your local council? Do you know how to budget for a pond or aquarium, including for long term maintenance costs? Do you know what equipment you need to purchase?

We can help take the hassle out of designing and installing your dream pond or aquarium. Instead of stressing and putting off the dream.. give us a call and we'll come to you, and give you a no pressure quote.

Our services include:
  • Professional pond design
  • Affordable aquarium installation
  • Advise on equipment purchases
  • Pond installation and building
We thought you also might like to see some of our previous work.

Due to the nature of this service, we can't offer a one price fits all quote on this page. However, we are more than happy to hear from you so we can give you a tailored quote for your needs.


Get Wet Ponds And Aquariums is available 24/7 (honestly, call any time) for emergency care.

In an emergency call David directly on 0433 324 347.

He will give you a rough quote and an approximate ETA.

Please note that while everything is done to the best of standards and many of our previous customers have had good outcomes, there can be no guarantees on the emergency cares outcome.

Getting the fish back after being "accidentally flushed" by a brother is not one of David's specialities though.


Been considering buying a lovely new aquarium but don’t know where to start?

Don’t know how to set up an aquarium?

Or perhaps you just don’t have the money right now for everything you need?

Let us help you with one of our outstanding, complete packages. Everything you’ll need to look after your aquarium is included in the price:
  • Glass or plexiglass fish tank
  • Accessories
    (Minimum of freshwater filter, gravel, heater (if required) and one ornament)
  • Display Stand
  • Fish
  • Fish food
  • Free weekly maintenance for 1 month
  • Basic water quality testers
And perhaps most importantly…
  • Complete installation, set up and basic instruction on what to do, and what not to do!
Give me a call and I can advise on what we have to suit your requirements.

About Us

David Byrne has had an active interest in freshwater aquatics for over 20 years and is regarded by many as one of the top fish savvy people in Perth, but it was only fairly recently that he has taken his outstanding knowledge of fish, ponds and aquariums and applied it to business.

Does this mean he’s just another cowboy with no experience? Absolutely not, in fact quite the opposite.

David was actually a plasterer by trade until an accident meant he could no longer work in that field, and it was at this point that he decided he wanted to work in a new field that he truly loved. David sold off a few assets to find the original funding for what he now proudly calls, “Get Wet Pond and Aquariums,” and from there, his business has only grown.

This is a true testament to his passion for fish and aquatic life, as well as his dedication to quality service and advice in Perth

Part of David’s philosophy is that when you have a passion for fish and aquatics, you shouldn’t leave a pond job dry, hence the name ‘Get Wet.’ So remember the name folks, Get Wet Ponds, we’ll literally get wet for ya when others won’t!

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