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   Sheridan is a fully qualified, professionally trined groomer with over 7 years in the industry.

Welcome To Glamour Paws Dog Grooming, Mornington Peninsula. Where all your dogís grooming needs are catered for.

We also have some designer boutique products available, if you need something we can get it for you! Please feel free to browse the site and contact us if you have any queries!

Glamour Paws Dog Grooming is based on the Mornington Peninsula and was foundered by professional groomer, Sheridan Meyles. After working for many years in the pet industry, she decided to venture off on her own and open Glamour Paws!

The shop opened on the 22nd of August 2009 and has a steadily rising customer base, with some customers travelling as far as NSW on a regular basis to have their pooch groomed!

Services Offered

Glamour Paws can cater for all your pets grooming needs, including:
  • Nails
  • Bathing
  • Blow drying
  • Undercoat stripping
  • Fluff drying
  • Flea rinse
  • Clipping
  • Hand scissoring
  • Colour
All breeds are catered for and whether you want your dog in a practical clip that suits your lifestyle and you prefer, or if you would want your dog in a breed specific clip, we do it all!

Canine colour is also available. The colour is permanent, yet all natural and formulated specifically for dogs.

General Questions

Why does my dogís hair cut cost more than my own?

Your hairdresser doesn't give you a bath.
You don't go for weeks at a time without washing your hair.
You don't roll in nasty things before seeing your hairdresser.
Your hairdresser doesn't have to clean your ears.
Your hairdresser doesn't have to demat your hair.
You sit still for your hairdresser.
Your haircut doesn't include a manicure or pedicure.
Your hairdresser only cuts the hair on your head.
You don't try to bite or scratch your hairdresser.
The likelihood of you pooping or peeing while your hair is being cut is slim.

My Dog is Itchy what can it be?

This is very, very common, and so many people think they have fleas but they donít. Itchy skin can be caused by so many reasons.

Flea bites are very itchy so itís best to eliminate them if your dog does have them.

An allergy to plants is usually the most common, and very hard to determine what it is exactly. Some dogs are worse over the spring/summer periods when the grasses grow and the pollen count is high.

An allergy to food is also very common. Did you know that some of your common supermarket brand foods are made up of 75% water and are full of additives and preservatives which can cause your dog to have a reaction? Not only that, groomers can usually tell by a dogs smell what food they get! Feeding your dogs these foods is the equivalent of us eating McDonalds as our sole diet. Most pet shops or vet will only sell premium dog foods.

My dog came home last time with fleas!

This is almost impossible. Every dog that comes in with fleas is treated with a flea rinse and the fleas are eliminated, however it is hard to get all of them! The pens are disinfected and towels washed! If your dog comes home with fleas chances are they were already there.

However if you are on a regular flea treatment, if you see a flea on your dog you have nothing to worry about as the flea is probably already dying.

My dog always has fleas and none of the treatments work, How is it that the treatments work for everyone else?

There are certain brands of treatments that are better than others, and I would steer clear of the supermarket ones. Fleas lay their eggs and the eggs donít attach to the dogs, but fall off into the dogs bedding or your carpet! The first thing to do is flea bomb your house! If you donít want to do this then donít complain, but imagine living with head lice 24/7.

Then start on a regular treatment. The drops on the back of the neck work well. These companies endorse their product so much and stand by them that they do work. Frontline will actually send someone out to your house to determine why you have a flea problem.

I do brush my dog but he still gets matted!

To brush a dog you have to get right down to the base of the coat, down to the skin. A slicker brush work well but you have to part the hair with your hand as you brush to get right down to the base of the coat. A good comp is also great as you will easily get down to the skin and be able to detect any tangles. If you do this on a regular basis then your dog will not get knotty.

I was told my dogs long hair keeps it cooler in summer

This is true to an extent, however most of these types of dogs with the thick double coats such as Huskies, malamutes, maremma, Samoyeds, are from cold climates and not used to a 30 degree Australian summer! Think logically about this one and put yourself in the dogís position next time itís a hot day.

I was told never clip my golden retriever (or similar) as their coat keeps them cool

If they have a very think undercoat in hot whether it does not keep them cool! Imagine wrapping yourself in a blanket on a hot day and go stand outside. Thatís what itís like.

These types of dogs with the double coats need maintenance and can have their undercoats stripped and thinned. The other alternative is to clip them off into short haired dogs. They donít have to be shaved but they can be comfortable. Sometimes if the dog is matted there is no choice but to clip them and this will not harm the dog at all. The hair will grow back. The only time I would not recommend doing this is on a puppy when its coat is developing.

I clip many of these types of dogs in summer and the reason the owners keep coming back is because they say the dogs love it! Its gives them a new lease on life and they are happy and comfortable.

Why does my dog not like coming to the groomer?

Alas, unfortunately many dogs do not like being groomed. Many owners think we are horrible people to do mean things and this is upsetting and not true! Itís like taking a child to the doctors or dentist. Itís not that bad but they still donít like it! If you were a dog groomer, and as nice as you were, many will still come in shaking. If you bathed your dog regularly it probably wouldnít enjoy you doing it either! However there are many dogs that do love the experience and canít wait to get in the door! We do try to win them over!

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