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Sharon Beatson
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   Everything Natural & Healthy For Your Best Friends

Welcome to Greenpaws

My name is Sharon Beatson , I am the owner and operator of Greenpaws with over 25 years experience working with dogs and their owners.

Having been a professional dog trainer for many years, I am currently the owner of a Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming business in the beautiful Myall Lakes area in New South Wales.

I have also studied Natural Nutrition, Canine Myofunctional Therapy and many other natural therapies, I have worked with thousands of dogs over the years.

My greatest achievement is my girl Daisy. She lived to the grand old age of 18 years and 8 days, outliving her siblings and other family members by many years. Other than a cruciate ligament injury, she was healthy right into her old age. In her twilight years she received regular acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and massage. She also only ever ate natural food and was not treated with chemicals or medications unless absolutely necessary.

My Mission Statement

To help as many dogs as I possibly can in one lifetime to achieve optimum health, wellness and longevity through eating a natural diet as nature intended.

To educate their owners, one by one, the long term benefits of natural feeding and the detriments of commercial food on their health.

To use products of the earth, natural, eco, environmentally friendly, leaving green paw prints.

To have happy, healthy dogs that lead long lives, full of love and the best care that we can provide.

Such a small return for the mountains of unconditional love that they give us each and every day.

Our Services

Dog Minding and Farm Stay Holidays

For the outgoing nature lover, we have Farmstays. Swim in the dam, roll in the mud and play all day with friends. Situated on 6 dog-fenced acres, includes healthy meals and lots of fun and love.

Included in Farmstays is your dogs own 5 paw suite, so after a day of fun and frivolity your best friend can retire to their suite for dinner and relaxing.

For the smaller more pampered pooches or those who prefer seaside breaks, we offer Luxury Homestays. Stay with one of Greenpaws wonderful Aunties and enjoy a home away from home holiday. Daily walks along the river or swimming at the beach, delicious healthy meals and of course sleeping inside. All love and pampering included.

All inclusive very reasonable rates

Greenpaws Naturally Nutritious Food

Sharon's own recipes are based on 20 years of study and using natural feeding for dogs- a delicious blend of fresh seasonal vegetables straight from the farmers market, blended with health giving supplements.

We have available a raw blend and a cooked blend for the older dog.

These vegie mixes can be mixed with the meat of your choice or other foods depending on your preference and what is best for your dog.

Sharon is happy to assist you in a tailor made diet for your dog, as she believes that one size does not fit all and all dogs are different just like us !!

Some dogs thrive on certain meats but to others they may bring about an allergic reaction.
These vegetable packs are fresh, full of micronutrients and frozen with the goodness locked in.
Currently available for home delivery in the Greater Lakes area but with wider distribution in the very near future, watch this space .....



Natural Therapies

Offering full physical assessments, dietary and nutritional advice.

Greenpaws has a wide selection of natural based products and supplements available for all your dogs needs.

Specialising in older dogs, skin problems and arthritis.

Consults available in person, telephone or Skype.

Greenpaws Canine Myofunctional Therapy

This is fantastic for older, arthritic dog or dogs recovering from operations/injuries or maybe just to simply spoil your best friend with some pampering.


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