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Greenpet Pty Ltd

New South Wales 2000
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Greenpet distributes Australia wide and provides a range of services such as Naturopathic consultations, animal communication, bio-compatibility testing, hair mineral analysis, kinesiology, energy healing and much more.

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Welcome to
Greenpet Pty Ltd

Greenpet was started in 2000 by Julie and Dom Massoni. They are located in Verrierdale on Qld's beautiful Sunshine Coast (between Peregian Beach and Doonan).

Greenpet is open to the public Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and online orders or consultations are available 24/7.

Julie Massoni is a qualified naturopath who specializes in animal health. Julie has been working as an animal naturopath since 1995.

Greenpet does not use anything that contains preservatives, artificial ingredients or other nasties and our products are tested on humans, not animals.

Greenpet is committed to supplying the highest quality natural products for all animals. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for all things natural for your animal friends.

Services include Animal naturopathy which can assist animals with many health problems such as - kidney and liver disease, skin allergies, mange, heart conditions, arthritis, ear and eye disorders, infections, cancer, urinary problems as well as natural control for fleas, worms, etc.

Products and Services

Services include Animal Naturopathy which can assist animals with many health problems such as :

  • Kidney and Liver disease
  • Skin allergies, itchy skin, dermatitis & eczema
  • Mange and parasites
  • Heart conditions
  • Joint problems, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ringbone, navicular, etc
  • Ear and eye disorders
  • Pancreatitis, diabetes
  • Laminitis, founder, hoof abscess
  • Poor immunity, infections, cancer, tumors, etc.
  • Kidney and urinary problems
  • As well as natural alternatives for worming and flea control.

Our product categories include:

  • Pet Food And Treats
  • Birds And Poultry
  • Cat Products
  • Dog Products
  • Farm Animals
  • Horse Products
  • Books, Dvds And Cds
  • Dried Herbs
  • First Aid Kits And Relief Packs
  • People Products
  • Online Consultations & Other Services

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Registered Practitioner HATO (Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation)
Registered Practitioner ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
Diploma of Naturopathy QINS
Certificate Animal healing

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