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We are private reptile breeders, specialising in Australian pythons, located in Ingleburn SW Sydney


We are private reptile breeders located in Sydney & Central Coast NSW. Starting out as a childhood interest, our collection has grown to include many types of Australian Pythons, Dragons, Turtles and amphibians.

With more than 20 years of reptile husbandry experience, our collection has slowly grown and we now breed limited numbers of animals which are of the highest standards in health, colour & patterning.

All our animals are sold with full feed and health history and we guarantee them to be feeding and healthy at time of purchase. We will also provide any ongoing support you may need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Pythons for Sale

We specialise in the following species:
Woma pythons
Black Headed Pythons
Albino Darwin carpet pythons

Currently Avaliable: yearling Murray/Darling Carpet pythons $230 each.

Please call/text/email us anytime for more information and availability of species, we are happy to answer any of your questions. Keep an eye on our webpage & Facebook for regular updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to keep reptiles and where do I get one from?
Licences or permits are required to keep and trade native reptiles in all states.
Each state has itís own permit system.

Are snakes easy pets to keep?

Snakes are amongst the easiest and most interesting pets to keep. All that is needed to get started is a suitable enclosure a heat source, water bowl and hide.
Snakes donít need to be fed regularly and can be left at home when you go away.
Click here for our Python Caresheet

Are lizards easy pets to keep?

Lizards, especially bearded dragons, make interesting and entertaining pets. While a bit more time and effort is needed to initially setup their enclosure, as well as feeding and care, they will reward you with their personality and beautiful nature.
For a bearded dragon, the basic setup includes a suitable enclosure, heat source, UV lighting, water bowl and enclosure furniture.
Click here for our Dragon Caresheet

Where's the best place to find information on keeping reptiles?

The best place to start is your local Herpetological society. Here you can talk to experienced reptile keepers and meet other like minded people.
Click here for your local Herp society links
Contact reptile breeders. They should be willing to talk to you about keeping different species, what setups they use and where to find all the equipment you need.
Reptile forums can be a source of information but donít use these as your primary source, always check with a knowledgeable person before adopting any advice.

Can I purchase reptiles from other states?

Yes, most states will allow you to import reptiles.
You will need to check your states regulations and what permits are required.
The licencing links above should point you in the right direction.

Freighting reptiles....where do I start?

Freighting reptiles either interstate or within your state isnít that hard. Itís usually just a trip to the airport to drop the reptile onto the next flight. The main carrier company for interstate airfreight is Australian Air Express (AAE), they will deliver to most airports same day.
Click here for the AAE website reptile packing information page.
Depending on the species of reptile, some courier companies and pet transport companies such as ĎDogmoversí will deliver by road overnight.

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