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   We always strive to provide our patients with the most knowledgeable and up to date care possible using natural, safe, effective remedies to build good health for the animals in our care, while offering the best customer service available.

Natural Remedies for Pets

Healthy Pets Naturally at Bayview was established by Patty Walcott. Patty has shown and bred both dogs and cats, with a keen interest in animal behaviour. Patty has a science background combining a degree in Biochemistry MSc(Hons) with a Diploma in Small Animal Naturopathy, and is a member of the Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association. Patty works in consultation with a number of Veterinarians in the Bayview area.


At Healthy Pets Naturally, our goal is to help customers pets live longer, healthier lives.

We believe that the key element to a healthy pet is a close relationship with the pets owner, and a collegiate relationship with the pets veterinarian.

Everyone at Healthy Pets Naturally is committed to a professional, caring, and personalized service. Healthy Pets Naturally takes pride in our dedication to the highest standards in holistic health care. We would like to educate and inform people and veterinarians about ways to care for animals, that are safe, natural, effective, and will broaden treatment options to maintain and build good health for animals in our care.

Natural Remedies


Cedar Oil - A Natural Flea Remedy that Works

I often get asked for a natural flea remedy that people can use on both dogs and cats that can replace the toxic chemical spot on treatments that are currently in use. I tried a number of natural products including Neem Oil, which canít be used on cats and until Cedar Oil I had been very disappointed with the results.

So I trialled Cedar Oil and found a natural product that actually kills the fleas on contact. It also kills lice, mites, and deters biting insects. I have also found that if a dog has hot spots it will help stop the itching and promote hair growth. This product was developed for the troops in Iraq to defend them against biting insects such as sand fleas and mosquitoes. The formulation I use it totally natural and was developed by a Holistic Veterinarian in the United States.

This product can be used on dogs and cats, is biodegradable and made with food grade Cedar Oil. It is safe to use on yourself as well so no need to rush to the tap to wash the Cedar Oil of your hands once applied to your pets. It will not stain furniture or attract dirt and your kids can pat and play with the animals without fear of any toxicity. You donít need to drown your pet in the Cedar Oil.

With cats I tend to spray it on my hands and massage the oil through their coat, making sure I cover their body and then I rub over the cat with a small towel to stop them from licking it all off, as cats do love to groom themselves. Please avoid applying Cedar Oil any were on the face or around the eyes. I spray some on my hand and rub it under the chin making sure I avoid the nose and eye area. I also spray around any area they tend to sleep as it kills the eggs and larvae of the flea as well. You can apply the oil as often as needed; outdoor cats will need more frequent applications.

For dogs I spray the oil directly onto them and rub it into their coats, making sure I have treated their stomach and groin area, all along the spine and around the tail, also down the tail as well as fleas can hide here as well, their legs and necks. Like the cats I put the oil on my hands and rub it under their chins, avoiding around the eyes and nose area. Again you can apply Cedar Oil as often as needed, but if going to a place where you suspect there will be fleas then spray their legs, stomach and groin area and around their tails to stop the fleas getting onto them and coming into your home.

I have included a link to the information on the site in the USA on the use of Cedar Oil in animals for those who would like to read more about the uses for this product. I am stocking this product as I am very passionate about giving people the option of treating their dogs without the use of chemicals that lead to so many health issues such as skin issues and seizures.


How Do We Treat

Where conventional medicine focuses on the disease or condition, and on drugs to reduce the symptoms, holistic healthcare looks at the whole animal and all the factors that can affect your petís health such as genetics, nutrition, family relationships, hygiene, and stress factors. We work with veterinarians to combine conventional treatment with a complimentary approach in order to provide the individual animal with the least toxic, least invasive, most nurturing, and least harmful path to healing.
  • Allergies and Respiratory System - such as asthma, bronchitis, cough.
  • Digestive Health - such as bad breath, constipation, motion sickness, irritable bowel syndrome or disease.
  • Ears/Eyes/Nose/Throat - such as eye redness, conjunctivitis, ear infections, fly bitten ears, rhinitis.
  • Muscular Skeletal System - such as arthritis, bursitis, cruciate ligament, sprain/strain, tendonitis.
  • Nervous System - such as stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, fear, motion sickness.
  • Skin - such as allergies, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin/coat, fleas, smelly dog or cat, oily hair.
  • Urinary System - such as cystitis, incontinence, kidney stones.
  • Performance - such as energy and stamina, general health/daily maintenance.


Remedies Offered

Natural products including herbal remedies and natural supplements, advice on good nutrition, natural healthy diets for dogs and cats, Canine Myofunctional Massage Therapy, Photonic Therapy, Dog Behavioural Therapy and a Rehabilitation service in consultation with veterinarians.The first consultation with new clients will last one hour.


Equissage for Dogs

Equissage treatment is performed with an Equissage hand-held machine, which provides physiotherapeutic massage to dogs. This treatment has been proven to be totally non-aggressive and free of side effects.

The medical benefits include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, relaxation of muscles and increased joint mobility. It can be used on sore shoulders, sore backs, for hoof problems and leg problems.

It may improve:
  • Local blood circulation
  • Venous drainage
  • Lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling
  • Joint mobility
  • Respiratory conditions
  • The release of tension
  • Arthritic conditions


Canine Myofunctional Massage Therapy (CMT)

Through massage dog and cat owners are rewarded with a happier, more responsive pet. It improves muscle tone, reduces the pain and discomfort from arthritis, aids healing from recent injury or surgery.


Photonic Therapy

Photonic therapy is like giving your pet acupuncture without needles. Photons of red light are used to stimulate traditional acupuncture points in animals.


Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Herbal medicine is often utilized in chronic conditions and can sometimes be combined with conventional medicines prescribed by your veterinarian. Animal nutrition is about utilizing good food to fight disease, and ensuring we are providing your pet with the best quality food for his/her ongoing good health. We stock a range of natural supplements, organic and natural diets, natural shampoos flea and tick products for your pets.

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