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Heavensgate Farm

Rhonda Bridges
AMountain Top
New South Wales 2480
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Welcome to Heavensgate Farm

Heavensgate Farm was started with our purchase of the property set up in the mountains of the far North Coast,we have been breeding and showing dogs for on just thirty years. We have had numerous breeds of dogs over the years and enjoyed them all

As dogs have always been mans best friend, we have now some lovely breeds of dogs namely, the majestic Neapolitan Mastiff, our guardians and protectors of our property, the highly sought after West Highland White Terrier which are joys to own and keep our rodent population on the run God gave Adam the Garden of Eden and the care and job to look after, so to has he given us all our animals. We take the breeding and showing of all our dogs very seriously and strive to breed to the Australian Breed Standard set by The Canine Council.

Pups are sometimes available, this is our passion and hobby.If there are inherant problems in the breeds we do try to avoid the pitfalls of incorporating them in our lines.

Neapolitans Mastiffs are a demanding breed to own, they are not for the faint hearted but as you learn about their lifestyle they can become very rewarding. Five Neapolitan Mastiffs make up my number. The Neapolitan Mastiff is of an ancient breed,loyal and marvelous watch dog.Due to to sad circumstances we lost our lovely girl Seraphina.We now have an upcoming litter due early January 2009.Our bloodlines are of the Magnufi ,Velluto FDA and Stradone lines.It is now 2011 and I have increasd in number to still only 6 dogs. We have added my own home bred dogs "CH HEAVENSGATE AMADEUS"/ CH HEAVENSGATE ANTONIETTA" and just recently "CH HAEVENSGATE BAMBI" living and learning all the time about this wonderful breed. I myself are getting greyheaded but still enjoying what GOD has given to my care.

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Heavensgate Farm