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Heavy Petting

A9 Beattie Street
New South Wales 2041
P 02 9810 4439
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   At Heavy Petting we continually strive to keep our stock up to date with the healthiest products, fun items and toys for our little friends. We have a blackboard menu displayed with "What's new" and in stock at the time with descriptions of personality traits, etc.

About Us
Heavy Petting's owner and staff are very proud of their new bigger store which has been specially designed to keep our little furry, finned, feathered and shelled friends happy while in our care.

We endeavour to provide the highest level of pet care, hygiene and love possible to our pets while they are waiting for their new homes. We work closely with veterinarians to make sure they are in tip top shape prior to leaving our care so you can be assured of receiving a healthy pet.

Inside our store you will find an extensive range of toys, food, pets, a specially dedicted grooming area and friendly and informed staff to help with your questions.

Professional Grooming

Let your dog step out in style after a pamper and grooming session at Heavy Petting. All sizes, types and breeds are welcome.

The Cat Ring

Our " Cat Ring" is a cordoned off area in our shop where our kittens can play and be viewed at leisure. We have all breeds of cats and all come from registered breeders. We generally have beautiful Russian Blues, talkative Burmillas, irresitable Chinchillas and prize winning Scottish Folds all ready to go to a new loving home.

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