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Helga's Pet Resort

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   Helga's Pet Resort offers a small caring environment for your special pet.

Welcome to Helga s Pet Resort

Small dogs, large dogs, cats and other types of pets all have their own unique areas for their holiday.

We are a small, husband and wife run kennel and cattery on our property 10 minutes south of Palmerston, NT. We are situated on 5 acres with shady trees and a wet season creek along the back.

Since we live on site, we are here 24 / 7.

We strive to provide a clean, safe, and stress free environment for all our guests.

All of our guests receive daily pampering which includes playtime, and lots of one-on-one attention.

As this is our home, we ask that you respect our privacy and the pets safety by using the opening hours for coming and going and by making appointments in advance to view the facilities during opening hours.

Big dogs

The bigger dogs (staffies and up) and even some of the smaller dogs enjoy the large shady kennels with their own individual pools. The runs are easily big enough for two large dogs to share - if they come together! We do not mix dogs from different owners.

Each kennel goes out to run in the large perimeter grounds twice a day. All dogs receive lots of personal attention and interaction. 'Ball' is a favourite pastime for many of our guests!

Small dogs

The small dogs have individual sleeping rooms on the air conditioned verandah. During the day, they play together in the yard and get lots of cuddles from the owners. When there are lots of little dogs, or if there are some personality clashes, then they are let out in 'compatible groups'.

The dogs are let out to play at about 6.30 am and put to bed about 7.30 pm. They have a busy day and generally sleep well!

Dogs are fed fresh food mixed daily and treats during the day.


The cattery is a large solid brick building, air-conditioned for indoor comfort.

Each walk-in cat room has its own outdoor verandah so that cats can easily move in and out as their mood fancies.


Have your pet bathed and clipped by our professionally trained groomer.

Double coats can have the bottom layer stripped instead of clipping the outer layer! Ideal for Pomeranians, Huskies, etc.

Other Pets

We also look after other small pets, such as birds, rats, rabbits, mice, snakes. The owner needs to provide the cage and food for these specialty pets.

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