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   I have over 200 different colours & mutations of cockatiels.

Welcome to Higgi Chicks

Welcome to the home of cockatiels. I have over 200 different colours & mutations of cockatiels. Adult birds, breeding pairs & hand raised babies. I have been breeding cockatiels for over 22 years.

When I was a young boy I had an interest in budgies & then I got interested in pigeons. After getting married I decided to get back into birds, I had a look around at different types of parrots & all their different colours, I decided that cockatiels were the go, because of the birds personality & affection towards humans, finding out on the way that you could get the male cockatiels to talk, I decided that cockatiels were the birds for me.

I have found out over the years that you CANNOT get the female cockatiels to talk.

There is a new addition book out on cockatiels called A GUIDE TO COCKATIELS & THEIR MUTATIONS by Terry Martin which is great book

They talk to you in scientific names which is very hard to follow, this has many pictures & colours of most of the new mutation in cockatiels.

Please when emailing or ring please use the basic names & colours of birds.

I hope you enjoy this site and that it may help you to find a feathered friend for life.

About Us

I have had birds for some 40 years & have been breeding only cockatiels for the last 22 years, After starting out with budgies, pigions & parrorts.

When I started I had about 20 cockatiels in pieds pearl & lutino. I went along to the Melbourne show grounds & purchased my first cinnamon pearl cockatiel for $700 & was hooked on these beautifull birds. I met ALLAN GODFREY who had bought birds off PEGGY CROSS. Peggy wrote a book on cockatiels with DIANNE ANDERSON.

About 15 years ago I bought a pair of Whiteface pied cockatiels from a person in Sydney for $5000 a pair. Look how things have changed because you can now buy a good quality bird for $80 to $150.

Cockatiels have a good personality & you can teach the males to talk.

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