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Janet Hillier
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Hilliani Poodles
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About Janet Hillier

I wish to introduce myself. My name is Janet Hillier and I am a specialist breeder of silver and white Miniature poodles with over 40 years of experience.

I founded the Hillani Kennel in 1970 and since its inception, has striven to breed Poodles of high distinctive quality and temperament.

Hillani Kennel has a selection of poodles for performance, sport, companionship and good conformation.

My mother bred Australian Silkies under the prefix of “Oberon” . Some went to Canada to help in a breeding /Show program.

My father was an avid polo player and owned Arab horses. He never lost his admiration and respect for the breed.

Grandpa bred black Labradors and one of my mother’s sisters bred dachshunds and showed them.

As a family we were always exposed to many different animals ranging from chooks, emus, pigeons, rabbits, kangaroos, donkeys, goats, to horses and cattle and dingos, not to mention numerous types of snakes. Where we finally settled there was no access to veterinary help. We did all the diagnosing and nursing of many of these creatures. I feel this is where my love and compassion came for all living creatures, motivating the wish to help and care for them.

After finishing school I studied Commercial Art at The school of Art in North Terrace. Moved into Photogrammetry at Geoservices. Then married.

Over the many years of poodle breeding some veterinary challenges arose that allopathic therapy was unable to address. In an effort to redress this situation I have made an intensive study of complementary medicine and applied this research to the treatment of the dogs that I have bred and those in my care.

20 years ago I was introduced to the modality of Homoeopathy. It struck a chord with me. I then began using Homoeopathy with animal husbandry and my children. Many friends asked for me help with their problems, with much success. My results were not to be ignored, least of all by me. Since then I have learned the breadth and depth of Homoeopathy and no longer limit the use of this wonderful modality .The challenges presented were a bonus to me, empathising this wonderful way of curing.

You may ask “Why Homeopathy”?

Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700’s who formulated the law of cure e.g. treat like with like, called this the law of similar.

Dr Hahnemann empathised that a disease can only be recognised by its symptoms and it is the totality of the exhibited symptoms which must be addressed.

In contrast allopathic medicines work by suppressing symptoms, the basic principle of homoeopathy is that disease will be cured by remedies (homoeopathic) that produce a similar symptom.

A competent Homoeopathic practitioner can select a remedy which covers and fits the symptom picture presented before them, thus restore balance and equilibrium in the body.

After using Homoeopathy for many years I found a College with a course of study to further my knowledge and get a degree.

Full blown studies were started at a College of Complimentary Medicine in 1995, so began the journey of collecting and adding “Certificates” many gained over weekends and as a general rule not accredited by any institute of associations. I strongly felt that the more information one could glean about health and various other modalities the better qualified I would become in helping others.

With the completion of the 4 year accredited course in Homoeopathy and 5 years of Medical Science under the guidance of prestigious lecturers as Dr David Tivey, Dr Corinna Steeb and Dre Raj Telluri (sadly diseased) I have found the Homoeopathy modality to be both gentle and efficacious, in all aspects of human and animal health.

What is a Poodle?

A Beautiful Description of the poodle taken from the book “The Popular Poodle” by Clara Browring and Alida Munro published 1953 on page 16, I quote:-

“The Poodle is the dog, Par excellence, for the discerning owner. In appearance he has come down almost unchanged through the centuries. He appears on statues in Ancient Rome; he can be seen woven into the tapestries of the fifteenth century. He has been, and is the companion of Kings , Soldiers and Statesmen. He has distinguished himself on the battlefields; he has had statues raised in his honour.

He has delighted millions through the ages with his antics in the Circus, where he walks proudly upon the stage in appearance the replica, in miniature, of the King of Beasts. Woodcutters of mediaeval times have reproduced him in their pictured, and in the last century he has graced thousands of homes in the guise of a Lord Chancellor upon the Woolsack. Gazing at humanity with all the wisdom and dignity that is inherent in the true Poodle.

Dog Profiles

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Restarting his show career after 8 months nursing a broken leg.

Would like to thank the judges awarding him Best of Breed.
23/6/07 Adelaide Kennel Club under Mrs L Stevens (ACT)
28/7/07 Marion Kennel Club under Mrs W Paquette (Canada)
29/7/07 Marion Kennel Club under Ms T Sarmont (Belarus)- Breed Specialist
18/8/07 Northern Districts Kennel & Obedience under Mrs S Rickard. (VIC)
19/8/07 Northern Districts Kennel & Obedience under Mr K Cronchey (Vic)

**** STOP PRESS ****
Debonair wins BEST OF BREED at the 2007 Royal Adelaide Show
under judge : Mr Adrian Landarte (Urugary)

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Hillani Lil Precious

we were all very happy with our Lil Precious winning Baby of Breed under breed specialist Judge Ms.T Saramon (Belarus)at the Marion Kennel Club (SA.

I can't thank Josie, Rae and Dee of Brizegar Kennels ( for helping me out at a very difficult time, giving our Lil Precious a chance in life by Freya taking her under her wing. What a beautiful mother she is, No hesitation in mothering Lil Precious.
Now Lil Precious is enjoying her show career, Quite a little rascal.

Pictured winning Baby of breed, Her new Mum and Brother.

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Aust Ch Hillani Silva Raffles

Raffles started his show career later in life entering the ring in late 2005.
He has been shown very sparingly throughout 2006/2007 winning Multi Best of Breeds and Class in group awards.

After gaining his Australian Champion Title Raffles has now been retired from the show ring to gain some Obedience Titles and further his Stud Duties.

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Aus Ch & Am Ch Charob's Karelea Of Hillani (Imp USA)

Chuck is a lovely white boy of wonderful structure and a fabulous coat, with an outstanding temperpment to boot.

Chuck is a Best of Breed, in Group and in Show winner. He has many wins to his name and will soon be retired from the showring to relax at home with us.

Thank you to Jeni Sach for campaingeing this wonderful boy while in Darwin for me.

Chuck has produced Champions with more of his offspring close to their titles.

Chuck is now retired from the show ring.

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Aust Ch Hillani Ausi Dymond

Ausi is from the long awaited mating of Aust & Am Ch Charob's Karalea of Hillani (Imp USA) - "Chuck" to his Granddaughter Aust Ch Hillani Diamond In White - "Gemma".

Ausi has grown into a beautiful dog who we are sure will continue with a successful show career as he continues to mature.

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Hillani Strike Me Lucky (AI)

Striker is from the much anticipated frozen semen litter by American Champion Aery's Gone AWOL (USA) to Hillani Silversigne.

Aust Ch Hillani Debonair N White

Hillani Slick Chick On Silver (AI)

This 'Slick Chick' is our new silver girl from our exciting frozen semen litter from American Champion Aery's Gone A.W.O.L. (USA) to Hillani Silversigne.

Hillani Eureka Iam Here

Eureka is our new white bitch. She was pick puppy from the moment she was born and is showing a lot of promise. On her first weekend in the showring, handled by Janet , she was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Group. This is the start of things to come for this gorgeous girl.

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