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Hill Top K9 Grooming

A28 Penang Street
Point Clare
New South Wales 2250
Professional Canine Stylists

Welcome to Hill Top K9 Grooming

Hill Top K9 Grooming is a registered business owned and operated by Connie Leidl and Hugh Leidl since 2001.

We are registered breeders of Miniature Poodles, (Klahanie Poodles),
and have been active with dog showing for many years.

We specialise in Poodle Trims and Styling.

(We have never and do not sedate dogs)

We pride ourselves on good hygiene and cleaneness , so for the protection of your dog and others, we require owners to ensure that vaccinations of their pets are up to date.

Our passion, welfare and care for dogs, has led us to establish a wonderful grooming practice in comfortable, clean surroundings on the Central Coast.

As well as having a long history as a Canine Stylist and Pet Hygienist, Connie is also a fully qualified Hairdresser with a management and marketing background.

Quality of service and care has become our trademark.

"It's our attention to detail and good communication with our customers that keep our clients coming back", says Connie.


Hill Top K9 Grooming provides a full range of services for your pet.
  • Styling, Scissoring and Clipping
  • Colour Tinting
  • Bathing (A variety of different shampoos available).
  • Flea Rinsing
  • Brushing
  • Massage
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Teeth Hygiene
  • Nail clipping and filing
  • Shed Reduction Treatment
  • Anal Gland cleaning
  • General Advice on Pet Hygiene and Maintenance

We also sell a range of pet care products, such as Shampoo's, Ear Cleaners, Advance Dog Food, Dental Care products, Flea Control Products, Fragrances, Brushes, Collars, Tags and Thunder Shirt, a drug free solution for dog anxiety. Petsafe Indoor and Outdoor Bark Control devices now also available.

For more information and care tips, please visit our Website

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Hill Top K9 Grooming