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   Caring for pets and pet owners

Harmony Holistic Pets offers gentle effective natural healing for cats and dogs. As more people turn towards natural therapies for their health and wellbeing, it is good to know that this level of care is both available and beneficial for animals as well. Stress affects us all to varying degrees - animals and humans alike. I know your pet is an important member of your family and it is my aim to help you all enjoy household harmony and a happy life through health, balance and understanding.

Harmony Holistic Pets uses kinesiology to help your pet return to a state of physical and emotional balance. This unique natural therapy can help resolve behavioural issues, emotional imbalances, anxiety, travel sickness, help aid recovery from operations, shock and trauma. It can be beneficial in reducing pain, allergic responses and managing various health conditons, as well as being a useful tool to identify other stressors in your pets life or routine that would otherwise remain undetected.

If you find the information on this site does not answer your pets specific problem, please feel free to give me a call. My practice is located in Elwood, Vic.


Services for your pet

Initial kinesiology consultation 45 minutes
Standard kinesiology consultation 30 minutes

Consultation times may vary with animals - the following is a guideline.

Services for you and your pet.

Initial kinesiology consultation for you and your pet 90 minutes
Standard kinesiology consultation for you and your pet 60 minutes

Take an opportunity to do something for yourself whilst visiting and have a kinesiology balance too.

Services for pet owners

Initial kinesiology consultation for you 90 minutes
Standard kinesiology consultation for you 60 minutes

Harmony Holistic Pets can assist you with issues such as grieving the loss of your cat or dog, finding peace with decisions around euthanasia, carerís burnout and general health & wellbeing.

How many consultations are required?

Generally, you should be able to notice a change in your pet in just 1-3 sessions. This will depend on the severity of the condition and how long the condition has been present. Traumatized animals may require ongoing sessions every couple of months to ensure balance is maintained. Information obtained via muscle testing can be helpful in ascertaining the best way to proceed in terms of the types of treatment most beneficial for your pets progress.

About Marianne
I am a holistic kinesiologist and first started working with animals when my brother's dog Skinny (pictured) was diagnosed with mast cell tumors 4 years ago. I began working with family and friends animals which grew to client's animals within my holistic kinesiology practice. Seeing a need within the community, Harmony Holistic Pets is steadily growing as an effective way to overcome problems many pets and their owners face. I am continually moved and inspired by some of the results I have seen and fascinated by the connections between animals and their owners.

I believe that all beings enter our lives for a reason. I have no doubt you are aware of the wonderful companionship and life lessons your beloved pet has brought to you. I love animals for their ability to bring out our playfulness and caring hearts, tune into people's feelings, offer healing simply by being themselves and of course their mastery of living purely in the moment.

More details about kinesiology can be found at my general practice website

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