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Welcome to Hollyann Ragdoll Kittens.

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Pat and I am starting out as a hobby breeder of Traditional Ragdoll Kittens. I have a few desexed raggies and love their temperament, and thought it would be great to share that experience with other cat lovers.

Ragdolls are a big cat. Females are 6kg – 8kg. Males are 6kg – 12kg.

They take 3 – 4 years to mature so little kittens are not little when they leave mum and go to their new home. They are 1.5kg – 2kg at 12 weeks.

At Hollyann my kittens come in a variety of colours and patterns.- Points, Mitted and Bicolour.

All kittens are raised in my home and are well socialised with kids and other pets.

Visitation of kittens before being vaccinated is not permitted, but I will keep you updated by email with photo’s and progress.

They are my precious babies and need to be protected from any threat of disease until their first vaccination. Then you are welcome to visit your new kitten.

Kittens don’t leave my home until they are 12 – 14 weeks old. At this stage kittens are fully vaccinated with Fevac 3.

They are desexed (this is not an option) micro chipped, vet checked, registered, litter trained, wormed and flea treated.

My kittens are fed raw meats (chicken, lamb, beef mince) cat tucker time, fish (raw or cooked) and Professional biscuits. All of which gives them the best start.

On your first day with your kitten, little one might be stressed, so he or she needs a lot of loving and cuddles. Please supervise children with your new baby, even though my kittens are big. Kiddies can be rough.

Please be sure you are happy with your kitten, as it is your responsibility once you take baby home.

Non refundable part payment of $200 will secure your kitten after they are born. Any deposit paid will be forfeited if kitten is cancelled.

Hollyann is a registered breeder with COAWA.

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