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Hop & Scotch Dog Daycare Melbourne

A7 King Street
Victoria 3130
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   Whether they love to be pampered and preened, or rather a wrestle and a rollick, Hop & Scotch will be part of their pack.

About Us
The Hop & Scotch Pack have experienced first hand the problems facing dog owners living increasingly busy and demanding lives in a suburban environment. Recognizing the need for a service that gives both dog and owner a break, Hop & Scotch ensures the limited time they do get to spend together will be a joyous one.

Meet the Pack behind Hop & Scotch!

Michael: Pack Leader

Though completely dog nuts, Michael’s career in business started off with chickens (of the Kentucky Fried variety!) After three years managing his local KFC store, Michael branched out into small business. The decision about what sort of business to start came easily - in what other job do you get to spend as much time playing outside with heaps of four-legged furry friends? And so Hop & Scotch was born and Michael has never looked back!

Sharon: Groomer Extraordinaire

A professional groomer for over 10 years, Sharon is the master behind all your dogs’ cute new cuts. When she isn’t knee deep in clipped fur at Hop & Scotch, Sharron spends her time raising three boys – all under the age of 10! Her job at Hop & Scotch has also paid off for her pooch Cadbury, who hangs out at Daycare while his mum clips, combs and cuddles.

Jess: Walker & Washer

If your dog is already a Hop & Scotcher, chances are he or she knows Jess pretty well. Currently studying Science at The University of Melbourne, Jess applied for her job at Hop & Scotch to cure her insatiable love for dogs. Jess walks and plays with the daycare dogs, and takes some of the awesome photos that are uploaded daily onto the Hop & Scotch Facebook page.

Cass: Temporarily out of action :(

Cassy has been a Walker & Washer at Hop & Scotch for the past five months. Unfortunately a roller-hockey incident has put Cass and her left arm out of action for a while but everyone at Hop & Scotch (those with tails as well as those without) wish her a speedy recovery.


The Hop & Scotch service is like no other!

No more squeezing in time to get to the groomer, or feeling panicked when weekend plans are made. No more depressing trips to kennels, or desperate last minute calls to family and friends. And no more guilt when you just can’t find the time or stamina to exercise your best friend as much as you would like.

With Hop & Scotch around to help you out, all your dogs’ needs are taken care of.

So say hello to beautiful, healthy, happy and social pooches!

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