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A22 Veronica Street
New South Wales 2528
P 02 4296 6654
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Welcome to
Animal House Warilla Pet Warehouse

To us itís not just a job or business itís our passion.

Animal House Warilla Ė Wollongong Pet Shops

Dog Grooming

In-House Dog Grooming available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Saltwater Fish & Corals

Come in and see us at 22 Veronica Street Warilla, or call 02 42966654

Introducing Animal House Warilla,

Welcome to the New Website for ANIMLA HOUSE WARILLA! One of our passions is Aquariums, and we would like to think we are Experts in Saltwater Marine Aquariums as the 22+ years of Expereince and many 100′s of happy customers can confirm. To us itís not just a job or business itís our passion.
  • Are you sick of buying fish and corals only to find that not long after they enter your aquarium they look sick or die?
  • Are you sick of the service and advice that you are given when it just doesnít work for you?
  • Are you sick of the algae in your aquarium, have you tried all of the advice to fix the problem but again it just wonít work for you?

Why spend endless money and time on trying to achieve that perfect aquarium (both freshwater & saltwater) with the advice and products sold to you that you just canít make work. Our goal is to setup a natural underwater enviorment, so lets set it up naturally. No need to purchase a tonne of equipment and chemicals, we aim to use only what you need. Start making your aquarium work for you. NOT YOU WORKING FOR IT..

Come in and see us and we will guide you in the right direction!

Warm Regards,

Animal House Warilla

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