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At Icewood, we focus on two qualities when we breed: proven performance and correct conformation. We believe that these are the key components in any exceptional horse and that 'form' absolutely 'follows function'. We endeavour to produce top quality horses that are just as competitive in a Campdraft final as they are in a Royal show class. We believe that our current band of mares and progeny show we are headed in the right direction.

Our Philosophy

Icewood is also dedicated to preserving the bloodlines of the heritage Australian Stock Horse. Whilst we have a small injection of Quarter Horse blood in some of our stock, you will find the majority of our home-bred foals are of 'Foundation' Australian Stock Horse blood. This makes our horses attractive export prospects, whilst still allowing purchasers to cross our proven lines with Quarter Horses of their choice. Our current stallions offer both traditional and modern bloodlines to discerning breeders.


At Icewood, top quality training services are provided to owners of all breeds of horse. Maryanne understands how valuable these animals are both monetarily and sentimentally, and treats them accordingly on an individual basis. The technique Maryanne uses cannot be pigeon-holed as it is a product of many years of experience coupled with guidance from top trainers.

Her father Vic Gough and uncle Glen Gough, both famous Australian horsemen, have had a very big influence; as has Todd Crawford & John Swales, both Reined Cowhorse trainers in North America. These influences, plus those of many other trainers in industries which include Polo, Dressage and Showjumping, have made a marked impact on her current style of starting and training. Maryanne's horses are renowned for their working ability and high standard of presentation.

Maryanne is taking a hiatus from training outside horses, however will still be available for lessons or clinics. She will remain breeding and training her own quality horses, which will occasionally be offered for sale. This is an exciting new phase for Icewood, and should see some very nice prospects generated from the long, unpressured training periods combined with Icewood's proven bloodlines.

Maryanne's time overseas involved running clinics and providing lessons, along with her horse training services. She specialised in Ladies Horsemanship where she encourage the riders to become more assertive and in control of their horses, all the while, gaining valuable confidence. Travelling from New York to Florida in the United States early in 2010, she gave large numbers of lessons, performed demonstrations and ran clinics for both Pony Clubs and members of the American Polocrosse Association. Clinics are strictly number limited and always provide one-on-one time with Maryanne. Lessons are the best way to address specific issues, whilst being part of a clinic setting will allow you to not only learn from your own situation, but also from those of others. Please contact us for further details.

About Cadabra

In 2012, we are proud to once again offer CADABRA (AUS) to the Australian public. Having recently returned from an extremely successful North American tour, Cadabra will stand at Icewood for live cover or chilled semen. This exciting stallion has shaken the mainstream idea of the Australian Stock Horse, and what they are capable of, becoming the foundation sire of the Canadian ASH and making history as the first of his breed to compete and win in international cow horse competition. With his progeny already winning in hand and under saddle, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this outstanding young sire!

*Cadabra recently had his coat colour tested and his results state that he is homozygous for black pigment, which means he will not sire red (chestnut) foals.

About Captain Barbados

Captain Barbados is sired by the very popular cow horse sire, Acres Destiny. Whilst that speaks for itself, we would like to draw you attention to his dam line, Captains Creek Princess, which we believe is just as important.

Captain Barbados is not just 'another Acres Destiny stallion'. His outstanding ASH type is the first indication that this horse is a 'cut above' the average new sire on the market. Vic Gough personally selected Captain Barbados as his new resident sire, the same 'eye for a horse' that chose the 3yo Palmers Fort Abdul from Dalby ASH Sale many years ago. Captain has attracted the eye of discerning show horse breeders and serious Campdrafting die-hards alike, and we invite you to come and assess his beautiful conformation and nature for yourself.

In 2011, Captain was shown in-hand for the first time ever, and took out a Supreme Led Australian Stock Horse sash, following this win with the Champion Working Australian Stock Horse award. Just to prove this was no fluke, at his second ever Agricultural Show, he repeated his success with another Supreme Led and Champion Working awards in the Australian Stock Horse ring. He has won two Open Challenges this year, and won the cattle work section at each venue with stand-out scores. His limited number of progeny are eye-catching types, and starting under saddle, we can say first hand that they are 'born broke'. Interestingly, Captain has sired two duns and one palomino so far. If asked to describe Captain in one word, we would choose 'soft'. He is a very easy horse to train and handle, and a soft-minded horse is a trainer's dream.

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