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Somalis. Adorable, intelligent, active and very affectionate - every cat lover should share their home with a Somali or two. All cats are tested for PK Def and PRA.

Welcome to Ikati Somalis

Small cattery in the quiet and peaceful village of Ballan. Breeding for health, temperament and rich colour since 1994. Cats are from imported lines from Denmark. Kittens sometimes available.

Colours - tawny and cinnamon.

All kittens are born and reared in the house.

The Ikati Story
I have always loved cats, grown up with cats, my first feline friend being a part Persian tabby male from the RSPCA, when the family lived in South Africa.

While living on a large property in the tableland area, west of Cairns, North Queensland. I had a cat family of 8, majority of whom were rescue cats and none of whom were pedigreed.

I could not resist the wild looks and alluring personality of the Somali cat and decided that I would love to enjoy the company of these magnificent cats.

In 1995 I purchased my first Somali female and registered my cattery name “Ikati” with one of the governing cat councils in Queensland.

My aim is to breed healthy Somalis with great temperaments in warm, rich colours (tawny and cinnamon with blue and fawn sometimes available) with graceful, athletic bodies. For a more diverse gene pool, I decided to import to compliment the two Australian tawny girls:- Bikabu Miss Shawnee Fox and Starpoint Cheyenne.

Sanddrop’s Georg, a very handsome tawny male, from Norway, released from quarantine in June, 1995.

Babushka Cerafina and Babushka Climbing Miss Daisy, tawny beautiful females, from Denmark, released from quarantine in October, 1996.

Becarine Armani, another gorgeous tawny male, from Hawaii, released from quarantine in March, 1998.

I moved from Queensland after many years to the cooler climate of Ballan in Victoria.

I am registered with one of the cat councils of Victoria and am committed to abide by their Code of Ethics for Breeders.

The cats live in peaceful rural surroundings. They have access to cat net-enclosed patios which enables them to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

The stud cats’ quarters are an integral part of the home environment and they love to watch the daily events with interest.

Somalis are delightful to own, and it is very easy to spend time with them, grooming and playing and giving them lots of attention. They love human company, often demanding attention. They have a quiet voice and a playful nature; they love to play "fetch" or to prance around with a favourite toy.

We attend Pet Expos to highlight the joys of cat ownership. I also enter my cats in shows, to promote the breed and because showing is a hobby which is enjoyable and fun.

My thanks to the many breeders in Australia, Denmark, Norway and Hawaii whose help, advice and trusting me with their beautiful cats has contributed towards Ikati cats.

Occasionally, retired breed cats are available for adoption to approved homes.

Yes – every home should have at least one Somali!

All cats and kittens are registered with a governing Cat Council in Victoria.

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