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Irene Nowak Snake / Python Breeder

Irene Nowak
ABobs Farm
New South Wales 2316
M0422 323 724
I have had many years of keeping and breeding Pythons including Womas, Roughscales, Albinos and Jungles. Currently breeding children's Pythons.


I have been keeping and breeding pythons for over 10 years. My first snake was a black and gold Jungle python female. I paired her up with a black and white Jungle and this was my first breeding pair. I went on to breed a variety of Womas and keep Rough Scale pythons and Bredli carpets over the next 5 years.

I now keep and breed Childrens Pythons apart from a Sun Glow carpet and two Albino Darwin Carpets. I also have spotted pythons.

I have successfully breed T+ Childrens pythons and Marble Childrens pythons.

I breed my own rats and mice and this makes a big difference to the health and growth of the hatchling snakes as I feed them a a variety of fresh food. However there are many mice and snake breeder that produce quality rodents which I have purchased frozen.

I am Located at Bobs Farm NSW 2316 and am available for sale by appointment. Bobs Farm is located in Port Stephans and is in close proximity to Newcastle Airport at Williamtown..
You can contact me
on my email [email protected]
or call on 0422 323 724.

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