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Jarrara Park

AEast Kurrajong
New South Wales 2758
M0433 219 389
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Sydney Hawkesbury Behavioural Horse Trainers

Jarrara Park specialises in equine training and breaking-in/starting schooling all levels of horses for all disciplines. Wayne & Penny Austin are experienced and renowned NSW horse trainers and have had huge success training and re-educating horses that had been written off as bad or un-rideable.

Covering everything including foal handling, yearling training and preparation, starting or breaking-in as well as competition training, thoroughbred training and competing.

Jarrara Park uses the technique of natural horsemanship and co-operation to work with horses young and old who have developed behavioural problems such as floating and float loading issues, bucking, rearing, race barrier issues, problems traveling forward or disciplining horses that are just difficult to work with.

The expert natural horsemanship trainers have seen huge successes with horses that were once written off as unmanageable. Horse that once carried race and club bans have gone on to have successful careers after leaving Jarrara Park.

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