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Having a dog that has a training or behavioural issue can be emotionally stressful. You may feel that the dog is untrainable or has just become too difficult to handle.

As an accredited trainer with a Cert III in Dog Behaviour & Training I have the tools to help you rebuild your relationship with your dog.

We love our dogs, they can be our best friend and companion, but a dog that misbehaves can be more of a heartache and headache than a best friend.

Many problems, such as the dog jumping on your visitors or hiding under the furniture growling when visitors come over, can be helped by Jigsaw Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy.

We offer a private in home dog training and behaviour service. With this service, there’s no strange dogs or owners to distract you and in a familiar, relaxed place you’re more likely to see your dog quickly pick up on training. Plus your trainer is there on hand to guide and assist you with any problems that come up in training.

An in home consultation and training session offers you a chance to see genuine progression with your dog’s behaviour. In the more relaxed environment of your home, both the owner and the dog can think and feel more comfortable to learn.

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Training Philosophy

There are no secrets to dog training. Often, it is in the communication between handler and dog and that’s where the problem lies. Jigsaw Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy believes that training should happen with your heart and your head.

Science has provided us with the knowledge on how to more effectively, compassionately and humanely train to gain the consequences we desire from our dog and therein develop our relationship.

Application of the understanding that science has provided with classical conditioning (or Pavlovian conditioning) and Operant Conditioning can rapidly improve the learning of our dogs and without the use of punitive methods.

Operant conditioning with particular focus on Positive Reinforcement is the method used by Jigsaw Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy. Increasing the dog’s understanding of the behaviours that it is doing correctly, through the use of positive reinforcement gives the dog the feedback it needs to understand what we are asking of it.

Positive reinforcement can come in the way of food, play, toys, praise or anything else that will increase the likelihood of the behaviour being repeated by your dog.


As well as our in home service for behavioral and training problems, we are starting small practical classes with individual attention for handlers and dogs. Focusing on real life situations such as such as walking nicely on a leash, settling down, meeting strangers, table manners, attention, and coming when called.

Basic Obedience – this 6 week course covers basic behaviours such as sit, down, leaving your dog alone, calling your dog, loose leash walking, how to greet other dogs and when things go wrong.
Beyond Basics – this 6 week course covers similar ground to the Basic Obedience Class but we add in a retrieve, greeting behaviours and working with distractions. Beyond

Basics in the Real World – this 6 week course builds on all the behaviours previously learnt in prior classes but applying them to more real world scenarios.

For more information or to see how Jigsaw Dog Training Behaviour Consultancy can help you contact us today!!


Margaret has a Cert III in Dog Behaviour & Training from NDTF. The course is nationally recognised through the Australian Qualifications Framework and the Federal Govt Dept of Education, Science and Training.

Margaret believes in further education, keeping up to date with training methods and has recently started an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

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