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Juca British Short Hairs & Barrajy Tibetan Spaniels

Victoria 3664
Welcome to Juca British Short Hairs Barrajy Tibetan Spaniels

We live in a small rural town about 45 minutes north of Melbourne Victoria.

We met many years ago whilst showing out Tibetan Spaniels and became very good friends through this common interest. Today we share a home and the love of our animals.

Over the years we have had great success in exhibiting our Tibbies. We imported new lines in from Europe to improve the bloodlines as well as testing for known genetic diseases that might crop up in this delightful breed. We show on a regular basis and have a lot of success in conformation. Tibetan Spaniels are also known to be cat-like.

Our Kittens

Our cats are house cats, born & raised in the family home with other adult dogs and cats around them and they are handled from birth to ensure human contact and socialising.

Our cats will arrive to your home as well adjusted, social animals and include everything that will be required to start enjoying your new family member. We sell our kittens as pets only, and do not sell them for breeding purposes. We only sell our kittens to quality homes once we have been assured that the new owners are committed to caring for their new kitten and can provide a safe family environment.

Barrajy Tibetans

I started off in dogs as a child and have had many breeds since. I bred and exhibited Chihuahuas for many years, and then in 1978 decided to go into a second breed, Tibetan Spaniels.

They had only been introduced into this country a few years before in 1974. I felt this would be different from Chihuahuas but never thought they would replace them. How wrong I was.

Tibbies are my life, and I try to help and encourage others to understand this wonderful breed.

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