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Pia Kirke
AFrankston North
Victoria 3200
P 03 8707 1146
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   My personal objective is to work with people and to create a comfortable environment for their pets

My holistic mission is to:
  • assist people and their pets in understanding how to maintain health in the 21st century,

  • provide and bring together high quality natural health therapies, healing modalities and products that will better serve the lives of people and their

  • Offer people natural alternatives which support health and the healing of common ailments.

As a Body work Therapist I draw on my experience in Bowen and Canine manipulative muscle therapies, and as Pet Groomer and Clairvoyant, I give grooming advice and information on pet nutrition and other modalities in pet health. In addition, I teach you how to groom your own pet and offer problem solving advice to handlers. This results in general improved obedience of your dog and should assist you in your preparation for showing.

Body Work Therapies are primary contact therapies used to treat and prevent injury or disorder, from the new born to the elderly pet thus maintaining optimal health for your animal. This is done through a series of cross fibre movements of the soft tissue of the body.

Body Work can be applied to any soft tissue of the body for both acute and chronic problems. This influences the body’s energy and meridian systems, and assists organs and their function.

These therapies can effectively assist the body to regain its natural healing process.

The gentle movements on your pet effect the release of tension in muscles that are in spasm.

Muscle tension is frequently the cause of poor health and if left unchecked, can lead to more serious problems.

Relaxing the body supports the healing process significantly through improved lymphatic drainage.

Body Work Therapies help the cells to remember how to heal themselves. Electrical impulses which are sent to the nervous system by the brain, remind the body how to regain normal movement in joints, muscles and tendons. This therapy increases the blood supply to the muscles reducing spasms.

  • Bowen Therapist for Humans
  • Bowen Therapist for Animals
  • Canine Manipulative Muscle Therapist
  • Pet and Show dog trainer
  • Dog trainer at Southside dog school
  • Diploma of Pet Grooming
  • International Dog Judge (Groups 1, 3, 6 & 7)
  • ANKC Registered Dog Breeder and Judge
  • Transformational Counsellor
  • Time Line Therapist and Workshop Presenter
  • Psychic Reader

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