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   When Training is Fun for you and your dog, learning happens.

Dogs enjoy life, we enjoy dogs, let training build the relationship you have with your dog.

About K9 Potential

K9 Potential was launched in 2008 as a small dedicated Dog Training Business. This is a fluid business and as such changes with the times people and their needs.

As a client you have many options I hope you will find something here so I can be of assistance to you.

Most dog training facilities are currently designed for the client to take their dog to group obedience classes for a number of weeks. This is not always the most effective or appropriate way to train dogs. Some dogs are too nervous or have socialization issues to learn in class environments. Where K9 Potential differs is; that it is a mobile service catering for the time deficient caring pet owner who wants to be responsible and raise, and train their puppies or older dogs to be good-natured and well mannered companions. As you will see I do offer group classes (see the Group classes page), so whether you hire me privately or attend group classes you can be assured of professional service.

Our Services

Group classes are a way to train your dog, this is an ecconimical way as you are in a group of up to 7 others. Your dog needs to be able to be in the presence of other dogs. If your dog is reactive with other dogs then private one-on-one training is available. Go to classes page for more detail on available classes.

Drop in group class When you have completed the basis class, or you dog can do all the basic behaviours then you can attend the weekly drop in class. This will extend the known behaviours you have already and you will have opportunity to teach new things to your dog.

Private One-on-one training, I come to you for a set of lessons, your dog will do all plus more that is covered in classes. This is ideal if your dog is reactive to other dogs, what I mean by that is your dog lunges/barks/growls at other dogs. Also if your dog is very anxious and fearful, they will not be able to learn in a group situation. Or if you are unable to attend group, or simply want the convenience of private training. Go to private one-on-one page for more details.

Behavioural consults Whatever problems you are experiencing with your dog, be it just annoying or dangerous, then it need to be addressed as soon as possible so a behavioural modification program can be put into place. The first consult will consist of a history taking and assessment of your dog, and some immediate help. Further consults may be needed depending of issues. For more information go to Behavioural consults page.

Puppy Management If you are getting a new puppy, it is an exciting time, I can help you through the process of what do we do now. Well puppy classes are the best place to start there are a number of vets around that offer these. But please inquire as to how they are run some classes can be detrimental to your puppy. I do hold puppy classes at Dayboro UQ Vet clinic. However you may still want one on one help, I can come to your home and help you with working out where your puppy will sleep, eat and toilet, provide you with handouts and follow up chats where needed. This is such an important time of your puppies life please socialize your puppy and make it into a bomb proof dog that will cope with any situation and not react by biting someone in or outside your family. You can either do a set of one-on-one training lessons or book a behavioural consult.

Group classes

Basic pet manners

I run basic (beginner) pet manners class throughout the year. These are at Samford on a Tuesday evening. Go to web page for start dates.
The classes run for 6 weeks the first week is without your dog. Classes are for dogs 4 months of age and older. Class size is limited to 6 or 7 so you get the service you deserve.

Cost $150 which includes a clicker.

In this class you will learn the principles of how to train your dog using positive reinforcement training methods, which are based on scientific principles.
How to create good behaviour.
How to walk your dog on a loose lead.
Plus all the basic's like, sit/drop/give/stay/leave it/and of course come when called.
All this training is done while having fun which adds substance to your relationship with your dog.

Training Location

Classes are held at the Samford Community Church, Mt Glorious Road, Samford, on the North west of Brisbane.

Class dates

About your Trainer

Hilary Paull

I was brought up on a farm in the south of England in the 1960s where I was surrounded by animals. My inspiration comes from my father who self trained his Border collie to help him herd his milking cows.

I regularly attend ongoing workshops and conferences for Dog Trainers, and am an avid reader of animal behaviour, and training books. I on the committee of Australian Pet Dog Trainers, a national body of Dog trainers. I am also the North West Brisbane coordinator for Story dogs. I admire and support the RSPCA, and Pet Rescue and the many rescues groups set up, I have been a foster carer for Animal Angels Rescue. Helping people with their pets is my business but is also a passion. I will take on cases of Separation Anxiety along with all other issues you have and together we will work a solution.
Currently studying for my Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science Technology through the CASI institute, to further my qualifications.

Area Covered
North West Brisbane

Cedar Creek, Samford, Yugar, Samsonvale, Cobble Creek, Cashmere, Joyner, Highvale, Camp Mountain, Clear Mountain, Eatons Hill, Bunya, Dayboro
Ferny Grove Ferny Hills Keperra Upper Kedron

I recommend that if you have a dog with social issues or a very nervous dog that you choose private classes, as theses will give your dog the best possibility of learning. But if you are interested in group lessons please send me an email.

Certificate 111 in Dog training and Behaviour
Professional member of APDT
Member of PPGA
Member of BEN (USA)
Member of Association of Animal Behavior Professionals

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