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Laura Mundy Professional Dog Training

Laura Mundy
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Western Melbourne's dog training and behaviour expert. Servicing greater Melbourne, we provide in home dog training and behaviour consulting services, including training your dog for you while you're at work. Don't compromise on getting the best advice when it comes to your dog's training and behaviour needs.

Have you given up taking your dog for a walk because their leash pulling is too much to handle?

Are you worried your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people?

Does your dog jump up on people?

Does your dog not come when called?

Are you concerned your dog experiences anxiety?

Is your dog destroying your house and yard?

​Have you just got a new puppy and wanting to get off on the right foot with their training?

​Do you just want to understand your dog better when it comes to their behaviour?

Laura Mundy Professional Dog Training is an independently owned dog training and behaviour service based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and servicing the greater suburbs of Melbourne. I am fully certified in dog training and behaviour, aswell as a graduate of university undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in psychology and continued professional development including currently undertaking a PhD in canine-human interaction psychology. Rest easy knowing you are getting qualified and professional advice when it comes to your dog's behaviour and training needs.

We have a range of training options, personally tailored to fit your specific needs!

What do we offer?

We can assist you with any areas of dog training including general manners and skills training, as well as behaviour modification programs for more serious behavioural issues such as aggression, fear, anxiety, destructive behaviours and much more.

We offer private dog training consultations in your own home or at another suitable location if you prefer. These sessions are ideal for those wanting their dog to learn some basic dog training skills and manners, but are wanting a more personalised approach with sessions structured around your specific needs rather than attending larger group dog training classes.

For those with dogs that have more complex behavioural concerns, we also offer behavioural consultations designed to help you better understand your dog's behaviour and to develop an intensive behaviour modification training plan for your dog. These sessions are ideal for those owners who don't feel confident to take their dogs to a larger group dog training class because of behavioural concerns which may include aggression or anxiety. We can help guide you through working with your dog and their behaviour, and help you achieve your desired goals.

The dog training and behavioural sessions above are designed to provide you with the education and practical skills around your dogs behaviour and learning of new skills. We teach you how to train your dog, and following these sessions provide you with a tailored dog training/behaviour modification program along with ongoing email support to mentor you through achieving your goals with your dog.

We all know just how busy life can get and finding time to implement your dog training or behaviour modification program can be a challenge. For this reason, we also offer intensive solo trainer-dog training sessions where I can come to your home and do regular intensive training/behaviour modification sessions with your dog for you. We will provide you with a report following each session regarding how your dog has gone and how you can continue with their training plan at home on a daily basis.

We also have a range of great value dog training programs available.

​What can you expect?

A professional service and personalised service.

WIth 10+ years experience in dog training and handling, you're guaranteed to be provided with the latest science-based dog training techniques, and customised dog training programs to suit your needs and goals. I am fully insured, and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Australia and the Pet Professionals Guild of Australia.

I will work with you every step of the way to support and mentor you throughout the training process. I am dedicated to working with you until you achieve your goals and desired relationship with your dog.

Want to know more - just give Laura a call!

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience)
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology
  • Certificate III Dog Training and Behaviour
  • Current PhD candidate in animal-human interaction psychology

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