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Lisa Kanne
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I am fully committed to meeting
the needs of your dog!

Your dogs at times difficult and challenging behaviour can often occur when what they think is correct and what you think is acceptable has been lost somewhere in translation. Communicating effectively between you and your dog is integral to the success of teaching them acceptable behaviour. And their learning begins at the moment you bring them home!

One of the best ways to educate your dog to become a calm, confident and obedient dog is to begin their schooling straight away with my Puppy Perfection training.

If you have adopted an older dog from a shelter or from a rescue then Teen/Dog Teaching factors in the bad and the good habits they have already formed.

I additionally offer In-Homing Tutoring for aggression of any type or separation anxiety.

My train courses are as previously mentioned:
  • Puppy Perfection
  • Teen/Dog Teaching

Behaviour Training
  • In-Home Tutoring

Dog Lifestyle

Home Visits

I have the ability to visit you in your home environment and attend to your dog’s requirements, whether they live outdoors, indoors or both.

This will effectively reduce the level of stress that they experience.

Through an interview, I will take the necessary time to learn what, how and where things are done at your home.

For you dog I will:
  • Feed them
  • Check over their condition for ticks and injuries etc.
  • Change their water
  • Play, pat, cuddle and give lots of attention

For you I am able to:
  • Check the mail
  • Water plants
  • Put out and bring in bins

Raising Fur Kids

One of the main things that I have gained from my experience as a dog owner, trainer and a mother of two children, is to not make the commitment to a dog until your youngest child is at least 7 years old. This will allow you the necessary time to put your puppy or dog through training, as your children are able to follow simple requests and commands.

Going to School

Whether you are looking at bringing a new 8 week old puppy into the family or an older dog joins your family, training is a very important part of becoming a dog owner.

Depending on the age of your dog and its past history of learning, or lack of, depends on the training you need to undertake.

I can help you to choose an option that best suits you, your dog and your situation. I can also discuss long-term training or lifestyle pricing options.

My phone number
is 0414 498 642.

Alternatively please submit the query form, providing me with times you will be available to talk and I will endeavour to call you within 24 hours during these times.

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