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Lonely Pets Club Bull Creek

Lynda Gibson
ABull Creek
Western Australia 6149
M0426 267 387
   Pet sitting and dog walking

A dog boarding & cattery alternative
Lonely Pets Club offers a professional, multi award winning, highly personalised pet sitting and dog walking service. Servicing Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Sydney, we are Australia's premier and most experienced pet sitting company and take great pride in setting the bench mark for other pet sitting businesses by offering the highest quality care available for your pets.

We visit your home to care for your pets in the comfort of their own environment. We believe that pets are much happier left in their own home than boarded elsewhere such as in a dog boarding kennel or cattery.

We also offer a regular dog walking service for owners too busy to walk their own dog. Our dog walking service provides individual attention - we only walk one member's dogs at a time.

Our services are available in all areas of Melbourne, parts of Sydney, Hobart and Perth through a network of animal loving professional carers and franchisees and we are expanding into other Australian cities.

We care for all types of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rats & mice, poultry and reptiles. We will also water your plants (when allowed by water restrictions), collect your mail and security check your house.

We provide Australia's most trusted and experienced pet sitting and dog walking service, having made over 198,000 pet care visits to members' homes since July 2003, and are recommended by many vets. Many pet owners would prefer not to use a dog boarding kennel or a cattery. Click here to read about the Lonely Pets Club difference.

Following your detailed instructions, we care for your pets as if they were our own. We understand that cuddling and talking to your pets is just as important as feeding, watering and (for dogs) walking them.

Our pet care solution gives you the freedom and confidence to leave your home whenever you want, knowing your pets are being cared for by experienced, professional animal lovers, with back up carers available in case your carer becomes ill.

Lonely Pets Club Services
We are a membership based club. To join, a once only, lifetime Membership fee is payable

Dog Holiday Service
Up to one dog & one cat
(See Extras below if you have more than 1 dog and 1 cat)
Normal Rate (30 mins)

One dog
Regular weekly service (30 mins)

Drop In
Up to two pets or 2 small cages/hutches.
Flat rate (up to 30 mins)

Just Watering
Flat rate (30 mins)

Pet Taxi
Transporting Pets. Franchised areas only.
Per hour or part thereof

Grooming and Washing
We recommend HydroDog, available all over Australia.

Mobile Vet
We recommend House Calls for Pets, available in inner Melbourne and Northern surburbs

On Christmas Day and Good Friday we offer a short pet feeding/watering service only.
Lonely Pets Club recognises Public Holidays over the Christmas and New Year period as being 25 Dec, 26 Dec and 1 Jan.

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