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Marlene's Place Dog Grooming

A169 Morrison Road
New South Wales 2112
P 02 9809 6001
M0400 360 880
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Marlene's Place has been in the Dog Grooming business for 21 years to date (21 human years of course!). Marlene herself has been grooming our hairy friends for over 30 years, specialising in 'hand scissoring'. So if you'd like a pet friendly and professional service, please give us a call or drop by to make a booking.


Marlene's Place can clip/groom almost every breed and size of dog. We can clip/groom your dog to the specific breed standards or to your personal preference. Prices start from $65 dependant on the breed/size of your dog and the condition of the coat (seniors discount is available).

Bath, Dry & Tidy

At Marlene's Place, your dog will undergo a thorough shampoo cleaning - sometimes up to 3 washes if your dog has had that little bit of extra fun helping you in the garden (and conditioner depending on the coat or a medicated shampoo should this be required), ear cleaning and nail clipping, followed by a thorough dry off.

Your dog's coat can be maintained with a tidy between the full clip/groom. A tidy includes a 'hygiene' clip (feet and backside) and trimming around the face, followed with a good brush (removal of any knots). Prices start from $45 dependant on the breed/size of your dog (seniors discount is available).


I have known Marlene for 20 years now and cannot praise her and the team enough for the wonderful service and friendship that I have received over the years. Originally my cat was one of the few pussies that Marlene took on, and she followed Marlene to 3 locations over 16 years (imagine a white furball and all those dogs!) Now our bea...utiful (and spoilt) groodle Ralph visits on a monthly basis and he too is cared for by this wonderful team who I would not hesitate in recommending and whom we are so lucky to call friends. Thank you Marlene, Sandie, Royleen and Shirley. Cheers Rod and Lorraine xx

**Please note, our regular clients receive a loyalty discount price**

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