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Do you love the Big Cats – and always wanted to own one?

Welcome to Marube Bengal's

Out of the jungle and into your home comes the Beautiful Bengal. Marube Bengals Cattery is located in Brisbane, Australia. All our kittens are lovingly house reared. A Touch of Nature's Beauty With the looks of the Big Cats, and the Loving Temperament of a Domestic Cat.

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat originated in America and is a distinct, unique breed which was derived from crossing a domestic cat with the Wild Asian Leopard Cat.

This was done in an effort to preserve the stunning beauty of the small forest dwelling leopard cat that also resembles the Ocelot or Marguay.

The first three generations are called domestic/leopard cat hybrids. These have unpredictable Temperaments - and therefore are not allowed into Australia.

The fourth generation and beyond have the lovable domestic Temperament and are referred to as Bengals – and are allowed into Australia.

The name “Bengal” is derived from the Latin name of the leopard cat, Felis Bengalensis. What is believed to be the first documented cross in the United States is recorded as 1963; however, there are references to domestic and wild cat crosses in earlier literature.

The Bengal makes a loving, intelligent housecat. They are litter box trained like any other domestic cat. Some Bengals love playing in water and all are curious and entertaining little creatures. They enjoy companionship from both adults and children and will fit in very easily with other family pets. Immunization and Nutrition are the same as any other Domestic household cat.

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