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Miamber Burmilla, Mandalay & Burmese Cats

Michelle Ristuccia
Victoria 3756
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   Victorias Only Specialist Breeder of Burmilla and Bombay (Mandalay). We also breed Burmese

Welcome to Miamber Burmilla

Are you a future Burmilla, Bombay (Mandalay) or Burmese owner?

Our kittens are special. They are rare, stunningly beautiful to look at and touch, affectionate and loyal. They are inside only cats!!
Of course, they can enjoy the garden in their own cat run, on a harness and leash they can accompany you into the garden for lunch or a bit of weeding. But they should never, under any circumstances, be left unattended outside at any time. They are much too special for that.

If you can guarantee you will do this with your kitten, then one of our Burmilla, Burmese or Mandalay is for you and your family.

Please enjoy our site and the beautiful cats and kittens................ CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY WEBSITE

Everything they say about the Burmese is true, we've been breeding them for 20 years and they still fascinate and entertain us. The Burmese is the clown of the cat world, athletic, fun loving and just a little bit naughty (or a lot!!) Their favorite place is in your bed, with you...........They are extremely active and intelligent, excellent problem solvers, but no common sense at all, which is why they should never be allowed outside, except in a purpose built enclosure, preferably one built for Houdini. They are heat seeking, sleek and glossy, described as a brick in a silk glove.

The Burmilla

The Burmilla with its sparkling soft silver coat, gorgeous green eyes and "make-up" is a special cat, created in the United Kingdom almost 30 years ago, and now homegrown in Australia. In many ways much like one of its foundation breeds the Burmese, the Burmilla can be a little less energetic and athletic but still people and fun loving. They do love a lap snuggle and will happily learn to retrieve small toys, they are intelligent and quick to learn. You can see a video clip of one of our pet Burmillas retrieving here. Being a quiet and gentle breed, they are often not fond of a lot of noise and activity and will quietly retire from your louder parties, they are also a "4 on the floor" breed, preferring to have their feet on something firm that is not too high, like your lap! The Burmilla is ideal for apartment living, loving their comfort, they are strictly an indoor breed only.

The Burmilla comes in two coat lengths, shorthair and longhair, at Miamber we concentrate on breeding the shorthair. This is a really special cat, still with very few registered breeders in Australia. Miamber Burmilla are all bred from DNA PKD tested negative cats, we also routinely screen for FIV and FeLV.

The Mandalay
The Mandalay is a relatively new and rare breed, created in response to the desire for a sleek black panther like cat with deep gold eyes, just like the American Bombay, but without the attendant importation problems and the unfortunate Cranial Defect found in some US lines. Originally called the Australian Bombay and now rebadged as Mandalay, this breed is exactly like a Burmese..

They are people loving, shoulder riding bed bugs and will play maniacally with a sock for hours. The Mandalay is registered and shown in BLACK,as well as all Full Expressions of dilute colours, however we often get Burmese colored kittens as well, these are called Mandalay VARIANTS, many come in Self colors as well, very rich and deeper toned versions of the usual Burmese colors. Many of our Variant owners, having owned Burmese in the past can vouch for the fact there is little or no difference between the two breeds.

About Us

Hi, I'm Michele Ristuccia, and this page is about who I am and what I do in terms of breeding the beautiful Burmilla and the Cat Fancy. Miamber is located in the small town of Wallan, Victoria, in Australia. I am proudly registered with Cats Victoria Incorporated and have been breeding pedigree cats, including Burmese for over 20 years now, but I fell in love with the Burmilla and now breed these almost exclusively, with the occasional Burmese or Mandalay litter. I believe the Burmilla epitomises the absolute in feline beauty and temperament, they are an ideal indoor companion and as such are highly suited to apartment living. The Mandalay and Burmese and their insatiable appetite for fun and attention make the ideal family pet. I have dedicated the last 14 years to improving and developing the Burmilla, starting the breed here in Victoria with the first litter in 2000 and moving into mentoring the Burmilla Semi-Long Hair breeders. I began judging in 2005 with my Group Three Training completed at the end of 2010, I am now an All Short hair Judge with CVI
I am dedicated to not only improving the Burmilla type, but also to breeding healthy and well adjusted companions. My husband Peter is also a Registered breed of Mandalay, another new and challenging breed. Our kittens are born and reared in our home and in our laps. As a family of five, our kittens are used to the usual activity and noise of a family and are well known for their loving and laid back natures. I do work part time, but do my best to interact with my kittens as much as possible, and their owners, providing up to date information and photographs upon request, if they are not already loaded onto my site. I do like to show my cats, its a fun hobby, and I am happy to encourage and support new members of the Cat Fancy, starting off with a Show Neuter or Spay can be the start of developing new friendships and maybe even breeding. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and seeing our beautiful cats. Many happy owners can attest to the fact that if a purring lap cat is what you want, the look no further than a Miamber cat or kitten. Please enjoy your visit to my site, it is updated frequently, so there is often something new to look at.
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