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Mr Marine Aquariums is Family owned and operated Business which started from a small operation and has grown into a well known and respected name in the industry.

I have always had a passion for the Ocean and it’s Aquatic Life. Having been either on the water or working within the industry since the age of twelve. In the 90’s after keeping many Freshwater Aquarium setups I decided to switch to Marine.

After experiencing problems and not being able to get continued support or reliable advice from some of Sydney’s best shops at the time, this is when I decided the industry needed someone who was willing to study and research the best ways to setup and run a Marine Aquarium. After traveling to countries like America and Germany who are the leaders in Marine Aquarium keeping, I sourced information and ways to setup Marine Tanks that were not used in Australia at that time.

This is when I started the business to pass on the vast knowledge of Marine keeping that I had obtained. Since then I have owned and operated a retail shop, worked in the Import and Wholesale side of the industry and had great experience in customer relations. Mr Marine Aquariums growing success in the industry is due to great customer satisfaction, guaranteed work and positive word of mouth from existing customers.

I strive to find new products and technology from around the world that will help in keeping your Marine tank looking and running the best it can.

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