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Nashanna British Shorthairs

Fran Easter
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Breeding British Shorthairs.


Nashanna Cattery

Hello, my name is Fran Easter, and I live in the lovely leafy village of Medowie, just north of Newcastle NSW Australia.

I first started breeding in 1985, breeding Himalayan cats. In 1996 I saw the Colourpoint British for the first time and fell in love with the lovely round open face and the beautiful distinct point markings. I purchased a lovely Lilac Point female and a Seal Point male, and so started my life with the British Shorthair breed. From these two cats, I soon expanded and starting breeding different colours, including the ever popular blue, as well as chocolate, silver tabbies and bi-colours.

The British have a lovely friendly inquisitive nature and always have to be around you – just to make sure you are doing the job properly.

Colours I Breed

British Shorthair kittens come in many different colours. The original colour blue, is still the most popular. Shown below are the variety of colours which we breed and are available from time to time.

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About British Shorthairs

The British Shorthairs are a medium to large, compact, powerfully built cat with a broad full chest, short strong legs and a short thick tail. Their round heads have short noses, chubby cheeks and prominent rounded whisker pads creating an enigmatic smiling look to the face, which was captured in Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderful.
In most colours, large, round eyes ranging from deep gold through to copper are set into the smiling face. In pointed cats the eyes are blue. The classic blue remains the most popular colour, however the breed comes in a rainbow of colours.

The British Shorthair traces its ancestry back to the cats of Rome and is one of the oldest breeds of English cats, having accompanied the Romans when they invaded Britain and have changed very little over the centuries.
Once a hunter and protector of the barns, it now embraces family life, preferring to snooze in comfort by the fire and to exchange hunting for playing with toy mice.

The British Shorthairs cats are friendly and affectionate, enjoying attention in an undemanding manner. The gentle big males command respect but welcome attention from everyone, while the more serious females are true British ladies expecting proper form and etiquette from those whose attention they accept. These loyal and devoted companions are not lap cats but want to be where you are, snuggling up beside you on the sofa or sleeping at your feet. They are intelligent cats, but are quiet and unobtrusive ruling their kingdom with a calm demeanor. They definitely look before they leap and do not engage in high flying acrobatics. They are tolerant with children and dogs, and are quite content with their own company, quietly amusing themselves in your absence and waiting patiently for your return.

This sturdy big teddy bear cat with its smile and an extremely dense plush coat with a crisp feel to it, which just makes you want to bury your hands in its luxurious pile, and combined with a wonderful disposition, is what makes them great family pets.

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